Connecting people to place

PAM 360

PAM 360 creates deeper, truly connected, omni-channel experiences from door to destination that turns visitors into fans.


360 eXplorer™

Create opportunities to connect with users in real-world scenarios and enhance the personal wayfinding experience from the palm of your hand using smartphones to access navigation data.

Pinpoint user location through data and attribution that can track behaviour and segmentation. Experience seamless navigation from anywhere in the environment with life traffic and flow updates on 3D digital maps, arriving at your destination through combined and optimized routes via pedestrian access, personal vehicle or public transport.

Connect with critical information through links embedded in emails, or in the physical environment using QR codes, NFC and touchpoints.

360 Connect™

Introduce touch based Kiosks so that your users experience personalised information and knowledge on demand. Add these in high traffic areas throughout your environment where multiple navigation threads are required to facilitate user access and crowd flow.

Users can tap into destinations, events and time sensitive routes through curated and scheduled content, modelled on pre-determined and dynamic scenarios.

Information can be handed off from Kiosks to personal devices such as tablets and phones to ensure that instructions, directions and key knowledge remain with users on their journey.

360 React™

Engage with AI driven, adaptive real-time content, digital signage and messaging that gives your users access to the right information at the right time.

Signage can be updated from a central location via a cloud-based platform, staying relevant and dynamic.

As spaces, crowd flow and capacity change throughout daily usage and events, sensors and beacons can communicate data and information, allowing signage to shift and change according to predefined playbooks and real-time scenarios.

360 API & SDK™

Use our developer kit to easily connect and communicate between PAM and your existing facility and system management products, or integrate with third party applications to expand their use cases and build the system you need.

360 iQ™

Extend your users journey with wayfinding and maps that are personalized and context sensitive to assist your users through multilingual and digitally accessible signage, directories and navigation.

360 Insights™

Improve how people use your environment and learn about your users through segmentation, sentiment analysis and attribution.


PAMOS saves you time and money, enabling teams to plan, manage, understand and operate experiences, in real-time, across your physical and digital estate.


PAMOS Project™

Monitor your cost centers, generate detailed reports and sign-off on work from a unified platform, to streamline the delivery of your experiences and spaces, saving time and investment.

Create a timeline for your connected environment to coordinate the delivery of the PAM 360 platform and collaborate across your teams, keeping all deliverables in sync.

Assign tasks and manage key responsibilities across all project stakeholders.

PAMOS Assets™

Manage and resource your assets, geolocated and linked to digital, properties, encrypted and protected through blockchain technology. Ensure that all branding is up to date and consistent throughout your space.

Use OS Assets with your existing systems and integrate with current facilities for a seamless execution of your asset deployment.

Provide your users with a cohesive experience across all signage, wayfinding and brand touchpoints that represent your environment.

PAMOS Playbook™

Draw from your library of playbooks created in the PAM Studio Suite to quickly run scenarios, change logic routes, share content, build out digital signage and create your brand.

Plan events and playbook routines in advance, to offer a detailed and tested scenario that will support your users, your staff and your space and maintain stability.

Ensure that you maintain touchpoints, wayfinding and signage that align with your facility’s needs and your users requirements at all time and in all scenarios.


Connect into your building and facility management systems, allowing you to share information around building operations, utilizing data to enhance and streamline your platforms.

PAMOS Datasec™

Control access to your digital mapping, data and core information, maintaining verified and secure knowledge bases through decentralized ledgers.

PAMOS Analytics™

Understand core insights into your projects and systems, forecasting and tracking progress across multiple variables, users and environments.