5 reasons a Digital Wayfinding Platform is needed for large events

If you’ve ever attended a big event, you know how overwhelming it can be to navigate a crowded venue. With so many people, events, and activities, it’s easy to get lost or miss out on something you wanted to see. That’s where digital wayfinding comes in. At PAM, we believe that a digital wayfinding platform can be a game-changer for big events. Here are the top 5 reasons why.

Improved attendee experience

A digital wayfinding platform can improve the overall attendee experience by making it easier to navigate the event space. With real-time updates, attendees can quickly find the location of their favorite food and beverage options or discover events and activities and avoid getting lost or missing out. This can help reduce frustration and improve attendee satisfaction.

Increased engagement with sponsors and vendors

By using a digital wayfinding platform, event organizers can also increase engagement with sponsors and vendors. By highlighting their tenant locations and providing interactive maps, attendees are more likely to visit these areas and engage with the vendors. This can help increase the ROI for sponsors and vendors, while also creating a more engaging experience for attendees.

Reduced staffing costs

With a digital wayfinding platform, event organizers can reduce staffing costs by eliminating the need for staff to provide directions or answer questions about the event. This can help free up staff to focus on other important tasks and reduce the overall cost of running the event.

Real-time updates and notifications

One of the key benefits of a digital wayfinding platform is the ability to provide real-time updates and notifications. This can include information about changes in the event schedule, new experience locations, or important safety messaging and announcements. By keeping attendees informed and up-to-date, event organizers can create a more engaging and informed experience.

Data-driven insights

Finally, a digital wayfinding platform can provide valuable data-driven insights into attendee behavior and engagement. By tracking attendee movement and interactions, event organizers can gain insights into which tenants or activities are most popular, how attendees navigate the environment, and what they searched for. This data can help organizers make more informed decisions about future events and improve the overall attendee experience.

In conclusion, a digital wayfinding or Smart Navigation platform is an important tool for big events. By improving the attendee experience, increasing engagement with sponsors and vendors, reducing staffing costs, providing real-time updates and notifications, and offering data-driven insights, event organizers can create a more successful and engaging event for everyone involved. At PAM, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions that help our clients create more engaging and successful events. Contact us below to find out how our Smart Navigation software can help improve your next big event. 

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