Accessible Wayfinding

Accessible Wayfinding Features

PAM is proud to be making positive contributions towards accessible wayfinding in large complex environments. Having the ability to simplify connectivity, turn friction to flow and obstacles to opportunities, PAM enables districts to provide multiple accessible routes and access points for those who need it.

Morris Goding Access Consulting suggests that “accommodating accessibility has often been an afterthought in event planning. In some cases, it may not have even crossed the minds of some event planners.” 

Thankfully, at PAM we look to provide equitable access across the district and ensure all visitors that require accessible routes enjoy a frictionless experience.


PAM has enabled wayfinding projects, such as The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to add functionality for multilingual and hearing impaired visitors. The UTS campus is accessible through:

  • A translation of the visual sign via text to speech thats helps the vision impaired navigate the campus.
  • A translation of the visual sign to simplified Chinese creates an inclusive environment for visitors.
  • Maps of student accessible areas provide a destination point to navigate to.

On top of these existing features, PAM has introduced new accessible features for interactive kiosks and mobile eXplorer maps that enable district operators to highlight wheelchair accessible routes and entries. 

Adding to this is an adjustable menu on interactive kiosks that allows visitors to customize the height of the menu items when viewing the screen. This is in compliance with ADA standards for accessible design.

New PAM accessible features include:

  • Accessible wayfinding routes
  • Accessible entries
  • Adjustable kiosk
  • Distance ring
  • Night safe routes

Wheelchair accessible routes


By providing equitable and safe access to district mobility, accessible facilities and amenities, visitors are likely to spend more time in and enjoy your district. Events will continue to be less encumbered by barriers, ensuring more people can participate fully.

Make every district smarter, productive, pleasurable and more accessible because now you can take people exactly to where they want to be.


To read more about how to add accessible routes and adjustable menus, login into the PAM dashboard and navigate to the knowledge base articles.

To read more on accessible event planning and compliance, you can view this article from Morris Goding Access Consultants here 

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