PAM a finalist in Australian Technologies Competition

PAM has been named a finalist for the 2019 Australian Technologies Competition. The competition is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation & Science, State Governments and Industry partners. The Competition is in it’s ninth year. During this period, it has created an alumni pool of over 200 semi finalists and finalists, many of whom have had significant international success. PAM is one of just two finalists in the Smart Cities Technology category, in a group of 17 finalists nationally, across all industries and technologies.

The Australian Technologies Competition Awards Finals will be held in late October, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

We’re incredibly honoured to be selected in a group of amazing technology companies that are making valuable contributions to smart city technology, the environment, health and education. With over half the world’s population now living in cities, it’s become apparent that cities need to functionally improve to meet the needs of higher density, more complex lives and more dynamic public spaces. Our role in the solution is to help make these complex environments livable, functional and enjoyable. We provide connected experiences – each navigational touchpoint connecting to the last and the next. We tie together traditional signals of navigation such as street signs with digital touchpoints like digital signage, mobile, and kiosks. Information can be provided in connected ways –  directional information, blue-line navigation, news, special events, transport timetables or changed transit conditions, all in real time.

PAM helps cities communicate with citizens to ensure they’re informed, safe and in control. Providing cities with the ability to operate all navigation touchpoints as one cohesive unit ensures they’re better able to adapt during times of change (which is always), plus maintain a system that is always accurate and helpful for people trying to find their best routes through busy streets and buildings.

We’re most fortunate to regularly work with federal government agencies, participate in technology incubators and be invited into development programs such as KPMG’s Elevate61 . Governments at a federal, state and municipal level recognize that solutions must come from all parts of the economy, whether that is the startup community, established solution providers, global consultancies or the government themselves. We’re certainly appreciative of the support we’re getting. Working with partners like Optus or being selected for awards such as the Australian Technologies competition certainly helps expand our reach and helps us provide the path towards better communities.

The Australian Technologies Competition:

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