How to build a smart campus

Create a smart campus

PAM enables you to collect data from your signage system so you can improve the way people experience your environment and create the ultimate smart campus.

Smart environments – welcoming, easy to navigate, with improved space utilization and reduced operational costs.

Smart Campus – University of Technology Sydney, smart navigation platform

Improve inclusivity and accessibility.

Join campuses across Australia like The University of Technology Sydney – shift to a smart campus in 30 days by following these steps.

Stage 1

 – Appoint a team leader or project manager to set tasks for everyone on your team. Tasks will appear on their dashboards when they log into PAM each day.

– Upload floor plans and appoint an auditing team. It takes approx. one person per day for every 25,000 sqm of internal or built space, plus one person per day per campus to audit external signage.

– Create a dictionary of destinations. It’s best to walk around campus to pick up any that you may have missed, and confirm the ones already identified.

– You now have all the data you need to shift to a smart campus.

Stage 2

 – It’s time to create digital wayfinding touch points. These include digital screens and directories, apps, dynamic maps and microsites.

– Link live destination content directly to your digital touchpoints. When you update content in PAM, changes appear everywhere at once.

– PAM’s Smart Wayfinding System also converts data into personal wayfinding applications, available from any mobile device or tablet.

* Each stage takes around 1-2 weeks if resourced appropriately.    

Your signs managed forever.

 Universities are live, constantly evolving environments – it can be difficult for faculty managers to keep signage up-to-date.

Instead of using spreadsheets to keep track of signage, use PAM to create a digital information ecosystem for physical and digital signs.

Additional benefits

 -No more out-of-date signs, lost emails and endless spreadsheets. PAM becomes the single source of truth.

– Juggle feedback between project and faculty managers, signage manufacturers and designers.

– Connect visitors with the destinations they are looking for.

– Update events and destinations in real time across all touch points – changes appear on-screen in seconds.

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