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Frictionless fan experience will be top of the 2021 agenda

Sports and stadium technology experts Sports Tech World Series (STWS) have published their top 10 sports tech predictions for 2021. Among their predictions is the rise of the frictionless fan experience. The frictionless fan experience is focused on removing barriers, bottlenecks and discomfort from a fan’s visit to a sporting venue. It’s particularly important in the Covid era. Reducing friction can …

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Contactless environments post-covid: are you QR Aware?

QR codes are the perfect solution for delivering contactless environments Providing a safer environment for fans, visitors and staff is a critical post-covid requirement. Thankfully, people are gradually returning to public precincts, though it poses some challenges. Primarily, how do we keep people safe? How do we ensure that they can make their way around our venue, precinct or campus and …

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Business efficiency and improving the customer experience

Many commercial precincts are struggling to reconcile the need to improve customer experience with the commercial realities of COVID-19 and the immediate reduction in visitors to the precinct. This is perfectly reasonable; revenues are down, and capital expenditures are not top of mind. Technology has, however, long been an effective way to both improve efficiency AND reduce costs. Now is …

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Venues navigating the return to normal after Covid-19

Every venue faces the challenge of reintroducing customers back into venues, without compromising health and safety. Every return-to-normal strategy will include a plan that can handle the pedestrian flow of ever-greater volumes of customers while also providing reliable social distancing and adherence to other Covid regulations. Intelligent digital wayfinding gives venue managers a way of making sure customers can safely …

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KPMG lists PAM as a global real estate innovation

Consulting giant KPMG has listed PAM among a select few Australian companies in its 2020 KPMG Real Estate Innovations Overview. The report, the first of it’s kind with a global emphasis, highlights the growing technology focus in the real estate industry, known as PropTech. The report focuses on trends both globally and regionally, which interestingly seems to vary from region …

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