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Connecting customers to your environment for sales optimization

Covid-19 has thrown challenges at most organizations, from family-owned businesses to multinational companies and associations. As the economy has gradually resumed globally, some old methods of doing things will not conform to new customer expectations. Additionally, businesses are trying to build business back up and attract customers in an environment where Covid still presents a significant public health risk. However, …

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How smart navigation technology is adding a layer of humanity to cities

Smart navigation technology is making cities and neighbourhoods more ‘human’, healthy and user-centric. Here are some of the opportunities on the horizon. Imagine if the cities of tomorrow could measure human wellness, encourage us to stretch, nudge us towards better habits, or lift our mood? What if they could alleviate loneliness and improve our mental health? There’s a growing push …

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Australasian Leisure Management Magazine – Navigation Software Company PAM Partners with Leading Venues

Australasian Leisure Management Magazine has just published a PAM review to it’s readers. The magazine is the industry go-to for venues, attractions and tourist destinations and so their stamp of approval is an honor. We’re now listed in their supplier directory and look forward to working further with a host of the region’s best tourist and entertainment destinations. “Innovative Australian …

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What’s your playbook for a safer world?

You don’t see footballers running onto the field without a game plan. So what’s your playbook for managing crowds, safety and evacuations? Right now, venues of all shapes and sizes need to adjust to new realities. How can they help people transition from being isolated at home, to dealing with crowds? How will venues enforce social distancing protocols while keeping people …

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