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PAM 360 Connect – Create your digital sign network

PAM 360 Connect helps your digital signage stand out as an enhancer of navigation experiences across diverse settings, spanning stadiums, airports, educational institutions, retail complexes, and corporate facilities. At the core of any effective digital navigation system reside three pivotal elements: Hardware (careful screen selection & media player choices), a robust IoT network, and the CMS functionalities to run content. …

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PAM and GHD Digital Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Digital Wayfinding Solutions

GHD Digital, the digital transformation business of professional services firm GHD, has partnered with PAM to redefine digital wayfinding, aiming to empower precinct owners and operators worldwide. This collaboration merges GHD Digital’s proven digital transformation expertise with PAM’s advanced navigation prowess, creating a potent alliance that delivers innovation and next generation navigation solutions. GHD Digital brings deep industry knowledge and …

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Data-driven decisions with PAM Analytics

Digital wayfinding is changing the way people navigate environments. In turn, the capture and analysis of the resulting user data is changing the way businesses optimize their operations, marketing and sales. Digital wayfinding for stadiums, university campuses, transport hubs and smart cities harnesses the power of analytics. Data analysis is helpful, but the true power is in acting on insights …

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Know before you go – Navigating success with Digital Maps

In the digital age, “know before you go” has taken on a whole new importance, thanks to the integration of powerful digital maps into our everyday lives. Whether you’re planning a trip, attending an event, or exploring a new city, digital maps have become the cornerstone of informed decision-making. This article explores the multifaceted importance of “know before you go” …

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PAM drives Las Vegas Formula 1 digital map

The inaugural Formula 1® event in Las Vegas marked a significant triumph not only for the racing world, but also for the fans using the Formula 1 digital map by PAM. Accessed through the F1 Las Vegas App developed by Yinzcam, digital wayfinding played a pivotal role in enhancing the fan experience for the 315,000 attendees. In the midst of …

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Digital wayfinding for major events

In the dynamic landscape of major city events, where crowds converge and excitement soars, efficient navigation becomes paramount. Enter the era of smart navigation and digital wayfinding for major city events, revolutionizing the experience for attendees. Let’s explore the benefits of smart navigation and delve into PAM’s recent strides, most recently, the collaboration with the inaugural Las Vegas Formula 1 …

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