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Digital Banner Slideshow: Promote event information to facilitate engagement

Does your venue have multiple events happening within the same week, one after the other? Having difficulty generating sufficient exposure of these events to your audience? Perhaps, you want to show a preview of what’s to come at your location as visitors walk past digital directional signs while they are looking for navigational information. An event might have concluded but …

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Digital tenant directory tool means more success for your customers

Retail shopping has in the past decade faced a major shift towards online shopping. In this new environment we need to ensure the digital tenant directory provides up to date retail locations in order for tenants to be successful. Using this method blends in an online experience while getting customers excited and in their door. Solution PAM offers many such …

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Corporate Campus Navigation

Corporate campus navigation – Improving engagement & culture

Companies are concentrating on the return of their staff to workplaces and making sure it’s a generally popular, frictionless transition. With this goal in mind, one focus is corporate campus navigation. It’s not just about encouraging staff back; there’s real benefits for both staff and company productivity when destinations are easier to find and campuses are better places to be. …

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Maximize visitor engagement with full screen experiences

As at home screens and stereos have become larger and more high quality, operators have had to compete with this to create districts that visitors want to return to and engage in. There’s still nothing that beats the experience of a live event with the excitement and next level experience it provides to fans. Now that visitors are returning to …

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Retail digital signage gets customer centric

Retail digital signage has long been a mainstay of malls and big box retail stores. Now, it’s making sales and improving customer experiences. Digital signage was originally the adaptation of TV technologies for commercial use, and no industry jumped on its use faster than retail. You can even go way back to 1929, when Neon Signs were first implemented, or …

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