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PAM Update

We wanted to share a quick update on how Team PAM is keeping projects on track in light of the coronavirus pandemic and travel bans around the world. While most of our team is now working from home, we have always collaborated across hemispheres and across time zones, so our processes are tried and tested. Working from anywhere is actually …

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Sign Asset Management for Parks and Government Properties

How PAM helps deliver faster recovery, lowers cost and provides for easier signage maintenance over time. PAM provides the opportunity to replace bushfire-ravaged signage infrastructure using a platform and process that will deliver a superior outcome. When managing parks and other public environments, it is imperative to have all signage maintained from a single, easy-access system. PAM is an investment in your signage …

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Brand guardianship and managing the reputation of your wayfinding environment

Large public spaces face many challenges in maintaining their environment. Visitors expect a clean, safe and well-maintained space – a space they trust. One of these challenges is to manage the perception and reputation of the brand, whether it’s a public space like a park or a large commercial precinct. Damaged signs, incorrect navigation messages or incorrectly-placed destination markers confuse the …

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Augmented Reality, Indoor Geolocation and the Future of Navigation Experiences

For large commercial precincts, a customer’s experience is at the heart of daily operations and also strategic technology decisions. Personalizing and improving the customer’s experience will result in more repeat business, higher satisfaction ratings and ultimately increased revenues. It’s no wonder that the hunt for the best possible technologies is frantic.  In large precincts, one of the most difficult tasks is …

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