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PAM and The University of Technology Sydney make O-Day way easier to negotiate!

PAM has been working with UTS in Sydney to implement a world-best student wayfinding experience. For their Orientation Day this year, we provided some  wayfinding touchpoints specific to O-Day. We were able to to help students navigate this complex environment in the smoothest way possible. The first day at University can be difficult and creating a connected experience is critical.   …

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PAM at ISA Sign Expo 2019

PAM attended the 2019 ISA Sign Expo last week in Las Vegas. The show brings together the largest collection of signage and wayfinding technologies in North America, including print, digital, software and hardware exhibitors. For ISA2019, we prepared Pam to help exhibitors and attendees find their way around Las Vegas and around the exhibition floor. Users could identify any point …

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Why space matters: taking control through connected environments

PAM CEO Stephen Minning and Head of Product Steve Plummer talk #ConnectedExperiences, #wayfinding and what #PersonalizedEngagement means for Industry 4.0 with OptusEnterprise By Optus Business “Pain. Lots and lots of pain.” That was what sparked the lightbulb moment for Stephen Minning to launch PAM, his smart environment and wayfinding company. Minning and his team had been working on a number of major wayfinding projects for …

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Why We Talk About Inclusivity In Connected Environments

One of the big benefits that we see in building smart and connected environments is that it does enable entirely new levels of access for every single citizen in every single space. That’s huge. But it’s also an opportunity to talk about some wider implications. Here’s the thing we consider a lot. The two words that get thrown around in …

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The Future Of Cities Involves AI

One of the key elements of personalization, the whole world over, is artificial intelligence. We are moving towards a world where people expect products, services and technology to respond to them in real time and provide them with exactly what they need, almost before they need it. It’s the kind of responsiveness that we are being shown by platforms such …

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