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PAM drives Las Vegas Formula 1 digital map

The inaugural Formula 1® event in Las Vegas marked a significant triumph not only for the racing world, but also for the fans using the Formula 1 digital map by PAM. Accessed through the F1 Las Vegas App developed by Yinzcam, digital wayfinding played a pivotal role in enhancing the fan experience for the 315,000 attendees. In the midst of …

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Digital wayfinding for major events

In the dynamic landscape of major city events, where crowds converge and excitement soars, efficient navigation becomes paramount. Enter the era of smart navigation and digital wayfinding for major city events, revolutionizing the experience for attendees. Let’s explore the benefits of smart navigation and delve into PAM’s recent strides, most recently, the collaboration with the inaugural Las Vegas Formula 1 …

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PAM teams with LA Rams as Technology Solutions Partner

Smart Navigation platform PAM and the Los Angeles Rams are announcing that PAM will serve as the Technology Solutions Partner for the organization for a period of three years.  “We are pleased to team with PAM to enhance gamedays with their technology that brings our partners and our brand closer to our fans”. Los Angeles Rams Chief Technology Officer Skarpi …

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Create a winning operational playbook with PAM’s digital wayfinding CMS

Navigating through dynamic spaces—whether it’s the intricate plays of a sports stadium, the sprawling campus of a university, or the organized chaos of a smart city—resembles the strategic planning behind a major sports event. PAM’s digital wayfinding CMS steps onto the field as your digital playbook, empowering you to pre-plan the plays of your digital content. This isn’t just about …

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Unlocking Efficiency: The power of digital wayfinding for event planners

In the fast-paced world of event management, every second counts. Imagine a scenario where creating maps for specific events is no longer a repetitive, time-consuming task. Welcome to the era of digital wayfinding, where PAM’s innovative solutions revolutionize the way stadiums and arenas, universities, and even cities and councils plan their events. Meeting the Challenge Operations professionals globally often find …

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