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Digital Banner Slideshow: Promote event information to facilitate engagement

Does your venue have multiple events happening within the same week, one after the other? Having difficulty generating sufficient exposure of these events to your audience? Perhaps, you want to show a preview of what’s to come at your location as visitors walk past digital directional signs while they are looking for navigational information. An event might have concluded but …

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Maximize visitor engagement with full screen experiences

As at home screens and stereos have become larger and more high quality, operators have had to compete with this to create districts that visitors want to return to and engage in. There’s still nothing that beats the experience of a live event with the excitement and next level experience it provides to fans. Now that visitors are returning to …

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Accessible Wayfinding

Accessible Wayfinding Features

PAM is proud to be making positive contributions towards accessible wayfinding in large complex environments. Having the ability to simplify connectivity, turn friction to flow and obstacles to opportunities, PAM enables districts to provide multiple accessible routes and access points for those who need it. Morris Goding Access Consulting suggests that “accommodating accessibility has often been an afterthought in event …

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Customer awareness – venue event engagement

In most places, visitors try to get more out of the time they spend in the venue. So how do marketing teams increase venue event engagement to let visitors know what’s happening around them?  What would it mean to you if your visitors knew about an event that’s right around the corner? Perhaps discovering more than just the main attraction …

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Kiosk search enhancements

Kiosk search enhancements on PAM eXplorer

Ever wanted a bite to eat at the mall but didn’t know where the food court was? What about finding the team store at a stadium? PAM enables district operators to customize the search function on interactive kiosks and eXplorer maps that give visitors a frictionless navigation experience – taking them to exactly where they want to be. Solution Help …

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