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PAM 360 Connect – Create your digital sign network

PAM 360 Connect helps your digital signage stand out as an enhancer of navigation experiences across diverse settings, spanning stadiums, airports, educational institutions, retail complexes, and corporate facilities. At the core of any effective digital navigation system reside three pivotal elements: Hardware (careful screen selection & media player choices), a robust IoT network, and the CMS functionalities to run content. …

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How to create Digital Gateways for PAM eXplorer Maps

In today’s fast-paced digital world, finding our way through unfamiliar locations has become easier than ever thanks to digital wayfinding platforms like PAM. These platforms provide interactive maps that guide users to their destinations with ease. To enhance the accessibility and convenience of such platforms, it is crucial to create digital gateways that enable customers to access interactive maps on …

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Discover how Digital Parking Management can elevate the parking experience & bottom line

Digital Parking Management, is a feature of the PAMOS Platform, a powerful cloud based solution revolutionizing parking management. With its extensive connectivity options, PAM Parking Manager enables you to control and manage parking information easily & securely from any device. Whether it’s live parking status info, space availability or dynamic rates, the PAM Parking Manager streamlines your parking operations, providing …

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Smart Search

Harnessing the power of Smart Search

Are you a brand manager looking to enhance your tenant directory listing and improve searchability? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore the Smart Search functionality within PAM eXplorer Maps. This feature is a game-changer for brand managers, enabling them to add keywords to their tenant directory listings and improve discoverability. Enhancing the Smart Search experience with PAM …

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Events URL Handoff for eXplorer Maps

Are you tired of searching for directions to your favorite events? Are you tired of being directed to ticketing pages that lack essential information? Look no further than Event URL Handoff, the new PAM eXplorer feature that provides a seamless experience for all event-goers. Solution: Event URL Handoff With Events URL Handoff from PAM eXplorer Maps, operations teams can now …

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Intelligent routing for digital maps

Intelligent Routing for digital maps

Intelligent routing for digital maps means you can seamlessly create and manage routes on your campus. Give your operations team full control of their digital environment and create wayfinding routes within PAM’s Digital Map Editor. Assign properties to different routes with ease and preview what you have just created. The fast and simple tool means you can changes can be …

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