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A connected environment and connected city – Toronto

Toronto is aiming to build a connected environment that makes the lives of residents and visitors easier. The city is working on a number of initiatives to help them reach this aim, including a partnership with Waze to help with traffic and congestion, and a smart traffic signal pilot.

Google’s sister company, Sidewalk Labs, is working towards re-building a 12-acre section of the city. The neighborhood is being developed with the internet and technology at the forefront. A significant part of this project is focused on developing a world class environmental user experience, complete with modern digital wayfinding and other user touchpoints.

Along with this digital focus, Toronto has started the installation of the Toronto 360 Wayfinding Project, which will see physical wayfinding signs installed throughout the city.

Chris Ronson, the Project Manager for the city program say that “It’s really difficult to navigate in a city like this… So if we can help people orient themselves and to find the destinations and communities they’re looking for, and help them find their way back, then we’ll consider this project a success.”

Capital investment in networks such as these sometimes draws criticism. As #smartcities aim to create a future-proofed technology platform that allows them to keep up with a growing population and increased visitor traffic, such development will remain a key focus. There’s no doubt that Toronto is working hard to ensure it remains an accessible city for residents and visitors. Building out a connected environment in Toronto will ensure it can continue to compete for major convention business and attract technology companies to the city – something that’s driving Toronto’s future economy.

Here at Pam, we’re helping cities, mixed-use property developments and campuses implement their own connected environments. We’re certainly keeping a close eye on Toronto, as it leads the way forward in environmental user experience and smart city initiatives.

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