Connected Retail Districts

Pleasurable, productive & profitable environments

When a customer can easily find the perfect parking spot, the right store and promotion, the restroom when they need it, or their favourite meal, your value instantly increases.

Make your district smarter, more profitable, productive and pleasurable, because now you can take people exactly to where they want to be.


When guests understand your environment, they naturally feel more relaxed, safer and confident to explore more of what’s on offer.


As operating teams better understand their customers they continually improve the environment, resulting in less congestion and more enjoyable customer experiences.


Connecting visitors with more experiences adds value their day and maximizes brand engagement, retail revenues and repeat visitation.

Retail Ecosystem

Convenience Economy

Improving retail convenience is profitable. Brands are embracing technology to improve the retail shopping experience already.

McDonalds customers quickly place orders at kiosks:
- More kiosks vs face to face = more orders
- Less staff taking orders = more productive
- Quicker delivery of orders = more profit
- Efficient customer experience = increase brand value

Customer Centric Digital Signage

For the past 20 years, digital signage and more recently, interactive kiosks have provided more and more information to customers in retail outlets. What many retailers have discovered though is that the noise – visual of course – doesn’t always increase sales or customer engagement. Many stores that implemented complex digital signage systems have actually reduced their reliance on screens to communicate their brand and products, simply because customers find them unhelpful and detracting from the in-store experience.

Unlock the potential
in your venue

Smart Search Library

Facilities, destinations and experiences; if it's in your venue, your customers can find it. Enable tennant brand managers to get creative, and add familiar search terms to their store locations and promotions.

Customers find more experiences, brands and locations. e.g., the Nike store can be tagged with 'sneakers', 'sweatpants' and 'trainers'.

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Dynamic Digital Maps

Make locations recognizable, add logos to the eXplorer map so customers never miss an opportunity to identify a brand.

Assign experiences to locations to promote what's on. Sell tickets to events so visitors can 'virtually' explore your district.

Use Map Editor to update information in real-time and add pop-up store locations and brand activations.

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Elevate the visitor experience and drive brand engagement in real-time

Give your tenants a platform to connect with customers

Provide retailers with a platform to promote offers and send customers to the nearest store.

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Early Customer Engagement

From the moment customers enter your venue, make them aware of daily promotions.
Promote goods and services available at your venue; brand pop-up locations and loyalty-experiences.

Digital Sign Manager

Sponsored Brands

Utilize prime digital real estate to empower your tenants with the opportunity to connect with your district audience.

Evolve with Analytics

Bar Graph
Review user data to provide your
operational & marketing teams
with powerful insights

BLE Beacon
Monitor QR Code Scans to know
where you are getting the most traffic
or need to improve visitor journeys

Use targeted marketing content
to promote retail, drive brand engagement
and ticket sales

Provide retail tenants and
event operators with interaction
data on their customers experience


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