Corporate Campus

An open, accessible and efficient
corporate campus

Create a campus that connects with your team. Provide a clear understanding of the facilities and events taking place throughout the day.

Unlock the potential of your campus

Connect your team with your campus. Help them perform with confidence, to any building, room, amenity or service. Include useful locations nearby:

- Offices
- Meeting rooms
- Public transport
- Parking
- Leisure facilities
- Training sessions
- Company events
- Food and retail

Keep your maps up to date with the changes affecting navigation:

- Show closed pathways or roads during building works or major events. Provide alternative routes to destinations.

- Show where the accessible, illuminated and secure pathways are, for personalized journeys.

- Provide access to event locations, so your team know what’s happening around them, and how to get there.

- Welcome visitors and empower them to make the most of their visit.

- Staff can share their location, to help colleagues, visitors or deliveries.

PAM Smart Campus
intuitive maps
Corporate Campus
connected environments

Intuitive maps

Let visitor eXplore your campus with confidence and be guided to any building, amenity or service.

Frictionless journeys

Provide Frictionless Navigation via QR codes to make your campus safer and more productive.

Connected environments

Provide access to event locations, so your team knows what's happening around them and how to get there.

Campus management

Online wayfinding tools provide you with the confidence to manage every visitor to your place.

Simplify connectivity
and amplify opportunity

frictionless journeys

Fast, easy, efficient information

Reduce friction in your environment by providing QR codes for staff and visitors to access digital maps of your campus and office buildings.

Take company event information to everyone, available instantly via QR codes or available as a function within Company apps.
PAM mobile events

Cloud-based access from anywhere

Use PAM’s intelligent wayfinding tools to provide contextual routes and information for your company as it changes, in real time.

Every event or session, no matter how big or small, can be found by your team, partners and visitors.
PAM eXplorer
employee engagement

Corporate campus navigation – Improving engagement & culture

Companies are concentrating on the return of their staff to workplaces and making sure it’s a generally popular, frictionless transition. With this goal in mind, one focus is corporate campus navigation.
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Campus Navigation

There’s nothing more important to a university than making sure students can connect with the campus and get the most out of their studies. The University of Technology, Sydney provides students with PAM interactive kiosk access to 3D navigation and information, which helps them find classes, stores, restaurants and events.
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