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Create your perfect navigation playbook

Our existing customers already know how powerful Scenes are to quickly and effectively change navigation in an environment. With the click of a button, all directional signs, routes, parking and district information can change based on pre-defined content. 

Previously, Scene setup was a very labour intensive process that required critical thinking to construct the whole scene from start to finish.

Bring on Duplicate Scenes.

Duplicate Scenes provide users the ability to duplicate an existing scene to create a new scene which will inherit all information from the original scene. 

Users will be able to make changes to this new scene to adapt to any scenario. Think about preparing your district for a standard event. Once the original event is planned, users simply copy this and quickly change the information they want to adapt to the new event, click save and they are done. The changes will then be approved or declined by a manager before publishing and making it live.

How will this help?

Duplicate Scenes will save time and resources. By reducing the lengthy and labour intensive process, users will be able to set up their playbook quickly and efficiently. The streamlined process will allow any user to create a new scene to add to the playbook.

Use PAM to improve accessibility in the district and adapt and change on the fly. Any last minute changes to an environment can be made by simply duplicating the original scene and making the required changes, leaving the original untouched. 

PAM is one powerful system that contains a suite of smart software tools and features, each working together to improve customer experience. This one vital piece of infrastructure drives a multitude of tangible outcomes and solves many of the biggest challenges that precinct operators face.

Key Notes

Duplicate scenes will allow users to:

  • Adapt to different expected and unexpected scenarios within their environment more efficiently and effectively
  • Respond to these expected and unexpected scenarios within a timely manner
  • Dramatically speed up workflow by adding a base starting point when planning

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