District Owners Use Case: How to create revenue-centric visitor experience

District Owners Use Case: How to create revenue-centric visitor experience

Revenue-centric customer experience

Every business big and small is aiming to create happy, engaged customers. Visitors who love their experience at a property or business are more loyal. They tell their friends about their experience and are wonderful brand advocates. But there’s more to it.

Customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experiences

Peter Kriss, Harvard Business Review

Increase Engagement

Happy visitors come back more often and spend more per visit. They explore your business more and find out what else you provide, beyond what they initially came for.

PAM provides visitors with the information they need to be fully engaged with your products and services. 3D eXplorer maps provide them with the information they need to find their destinations and spend more time doing the things they love.

  • Additional sales opportunities
  • Expanded promotion reach
  • Higher sponsor value
  • Improved satisfaction rates
  • Visitor engagement directly ties to extended linger time, higher spend and great satisfaction with their visit to the property.

    Why PAM?

    Connect visitors to what they love

    By empowering visitors with a complete view of the district, you’re making sure they can explore and find everything you’re offering, in real time. Events are listed according to what you have scheduled, and marked on the map when they start. They’re easy to find, and simple to attend.

    Promotions and Brand Marketing

    PAM gives the marketing team the power they need to promote events, provide promotional information and maximize brand activations. Every visitor knows exactly what’s happening, when and where. Engaged visitors with more to do, stay longer and spend more.

  • Increased ticket sales
  • Smoother operational execution
  • Maximize sponsor and tenant value
  • Remove the friction from  booking tickets, let your visitors dive deeper into branded content and share experiences with their friends.

    Which solution fits?

    Turning visitors into fans

    Visitors who know where they’re going and what’s happening, spend more time shopping and less time trying to find their destinations.

    As sports teams and leagues build on and incorporate the successes of the e-commerce revolution, they’ll be able to connect all dots of a single fan’s journey, helping to sell additional tickets while also driving personalized connections and experiences that can increase the lifetime value of fans.” – Deloitte

    Monetizing Customer Experience


  • 1.2 million brand impressions were delivered on digital signs throughout the Hollywood Park & SoFi Stadium district for sponsors during the 21/22 NFL Season

  • 3% of Super Bowl fans used PAM eXplorer maps to find food, beverage and merch during the 2022 Super Bowl event

  • 70,000 thousand fans use directional signage to find primary destinations at each sold out event at SoFi stadium

  • 50% of fans said that it would be awesome to plan their game itinerary in advance – Oracle
  • PAM for your Industry

    The future works

    You want to build something that lasts. PAM provides the most agile and adaptive navigation for your business to future-proof your precinct. Change is definitely going to happen. So be prepared for it. Email us on hello@pam.co or fill in this form so we can help turn your space into a loved place.