Customer awareness – venue event engagement

In most places, visitors try to get more out of the time they spend in the venue. So how do marketing teams increase venue event engagement to let visitors know what’s happening around them? 

What would it mean to you if your visitors knew about an event that’s right around the corner? Perhaps discovering more than just the main attraction they came for. 

PAM's Connected Experiences
PAMOS Experience builder allows you to group events to specific locations and promote activations to all district visitors.


Connect visitors with all your venue has to offer and let them discover all the events and brand activations to make the most of their time. Promote sponsors and display QR codes so fans can make bookings, purchase tickets or simply access more information.

PAM eXplorer maps now enable more venue event engagement through connected experiences. Empowering district ops teams to advertise for the headline act while also promoting other related or relevant events. 

When visitors are leaving a location, for instance the stadium after a sports game, the venue can promote any event that is happening later that day to encourage them to stay longer in the venue. 


Before a football game, fans might want to see the pre-game interviews or meet the cheerleaders before heading off to watch the game. A university might be celebrating the opening of a new building while also trying to get students to sign up to a school club around the corner. 

Come for one reason, stay for another. 

PAM’s new feature – Connected Experiences – gives venues the opportunity to engage visitors and fans more seamlessly with other events that are grouped with each other.

Whatever it might be, PAM eXplorer maps are the perfect medium for fans and visitors to experience Smart, Social & Connected venues.

venue event engagement

Activating Connected Experiences

To read more about how Connected Experiences work, login to the PAM dashboard and navigate to the knowledge base article here.

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