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Digital wayfinding is changing the way people navigate environments. In turn, the capture and analysis of the resulting user data is changing the way businesses optimize their operations, marketing and sales. Digital wayfinding for stadiums, university campuses, transport hubs and smart cities harnesses the power of analytics. Data analysis is helpful, but the true power is in acting on insights to improve your district. Explore the benefits of PAM Analytics and capturing data in a digital wayfinding platform, including the key areas that can revolutionize user experiences and operational efficiency.

Content is captured on maps on mobile, kiosk and web.

Brand engagement

An engagement timeline is when your customers access content on PAM eXplorer maps. Understanding your customers is crucial to see what drives them so you can optimize wayfinding and improve how they experience any environment. By capturing the engagement timeline you’ll gain insights into how users interact with your district and continually improve digital wayfinding over time. This data enables you to identify patterns, optimize customer content, and enhance brand impressions.

Provide a valuable connection

Monitoring the number of sessions and average session length provides a comprehensive overview of user activity. High session numbers indicate popularity, while longer average session lengths suggest user satisfaction. These metrics are valuable for refining content, improving user experiences, and tailoring marketing efforts to enhance the user experience so they keep coming back for more!

Understand your customers

Knowing your customers and their device information anonymously helps marketers understand the user demographics and what motivates them. These insights aid the delivery of personalized content, optimized product features for specific user groups, and tailored marketing campaigns to the delight of each customer audience.

Navigate the future

Evaluating user journeys from initiation to completion provides insights into user navigation challenges, providing real customer journeys to any destination. Use these insights to improve your digital wayfinding strategy to continually improve crowd flow amenity and reduce congestion. 

What’s hot and what’s not?

Leveraging user heatmaps in PAM’s analytics dashboard enables precise bottleneck analysis, allowing operations teams to optimize pathways, fine-tune wayfinding elements, and elevate overall user satisfaction. With easy-to-see visualizations of the environment, making data-driven decisions simpler.

Connect people to what they love

Identifying the most visited locations, popular tenants, and engaging experiences provides actionable insights. Marketers leverage this information to conceptualize new engagement strategies, promote specific areas, collaborate with popular tenants, and enhance the overall appeal of your district and what it has to offer every day.

Connected user experiences

Examining user interactions with quicklinks and external URLs offers insights into user preferences and the journeys they take between digital touchpoints. Strategically customized quicklinks will enhance the user experience and your sponsor partnerships to amplify opportunities, boosting the value through user engagement.

Amplify opportunity

The ability to track user-shared content provides a measure of customer satisfaction. If users are sharing specific content, it indicates relevance and value. Marketers leverage this information to enhance relationships with sponsors with quantifiable reporting.

Make places intuitive

Analyzing user search terms helps identify patterns so you can optimize wayfinding journeys in your environment. Understanding the number of searches, popular queries, and missed searches enables continuous improvement, ensuring you build a better place so your customers can find what they’re looking for effortlessly.

Digital gateways

Analyzing traffic sources uncovers how users discover the platform. Whether through social media, search engines, or other marketing channels, this data guides marketing efforts and helps allocate resources effectively. Understanding the distribution between app and web usage is essential for prioritizing the development of both platforms. Tailor your customer touchpoint strategy based on user preferences, ensuring a seamless experience regardless of the touchpoint.

So what next?

Unveil insights beyond the numbers. Analytics with PAMalytics enhances your understanding of user behavior, traffic flows, and trends to continually refine the digital navigation experience. Contact us to learn how you can create better customer experiences, streamlined operations, more brand engagement, and increase revenue using the PAMOS platform and suite of digital products.

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