The Dictionary that Informs your Budget

Whether it’s a seemingly simple name change or a full-scale rebrand altering signage can have a massive impact.

For many of the campuses the PAM team speaks to simple updates from ‘Faculty of Arts’ to ‘School of Arts’ can be costly, complex affairs. By tracking the cost of signs and their placement, this process may be about to change.

A commonplace, yet frustrating, experience of most wayfinding experts is changing all the known signs from faculty to school, then coming across an incorrect one and starting the process over again. Considering this process, creating an accurate budget can be near impossible.

PAM has been designed to simplify the common, yet complex, issues for wayfinders. Budgeting is no longer a stab in the dark with the introduction of “Rate cards”. From your PAM platform, you can log, track and update the cost of producing any sign from your campus. This detail is then stored with the sign on your floorplans as well as on your dashboard to keep you up to date with costs.

Similarly, the destination dictionary protects against inconsistency like those of “faculty” vs “school” changes. By creating a set of approved terms your wayfinding planners can work within the structure of your campus vocabulary. In placing information on an asset your team selects a predetermined destination, person, or description options.

Most importantly, these two features interact to support your overall wayfinding strategy. Discussing a rebrand or rename? Update the dictionary and Pam will do the heavy maths for you by providing cost based on your rate cards.

Never stumble on an out-of-date sign again, and keep costs accounted for while you’re at it!

PAM – wayfinding made simple.



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