Digital Banner Slideshow: Promote event information to facilitate engagement

Does your venue have multiple events happening within the same week, one after the other? Having difficulty generating sufficient exposure of these events to your audience? Perhaps, you want to show a preview of what’s to come at your location as visitors walk past digital directional signs while they are looking for navigational information. An event might have concluded but the show goes on, visitors will always want to know what’s next for them to indulge in. 

So how can you stay ahead of the curve? 

Solution: Digital Banner Slideshow 

The Digital Banner Slideshow in PAM’s digital sign platform is a solution that satisfies the needs of both the operator and customer. This feature enables the ability to advertise events to customers as they walk past signs. Similar to how a digital billboard operates, the banner slideshow can display multiple types of content ranging from events happening now to upcoming events, places of interest and limited-time promotions for a few seconds at a time. All content can be grouped together on one sign and activated to act as a continuous carousel displaying different events over and over. Engage different customers as they walk by signs and enable QR scans to book tickets immediately while still displaying navigational information above the event banner. 

A basic example can be if an event has concluded and customers begin their journey home, marketing teams can display upcoming events in a banner slideshow. This will be advertised to customers on the digital signs as they walk past, to help them develop awareness of future events. If interested, a QR code enables scans which direct to a website for purchasing tickets. 

Staying ahead of the curve requires staying ahead of multiple perspectives, think about the many different ways venues can engage visitors. Perhaps the closest restaurants to each digital sign or even a countdown timer as fans walk towards a game. 

Different sizes for all 

Create a mix of promotional, directional and status information in one digital sign template.

The banner slideshow is available in ¼ screen, ½ screen and full screen sizes. These enable operations teams to keep the directional and status information at the top of the screen while also running events and promotions below. Screen sizes can be determined according to your location’s layout as well as traffic flow and time of the day. 

Staying ahead of the curve

PAM enables operators and marketing teams with the tools to create a frictionless environment, creating awareness of events for visitors. This transitions into an enhanced customer experience, one that cannot be duplicated elsewhere. 

Understanding your customers and the many use cases that exist in your location is a criteria for success. Support your use cases by having banner slideshow content meet use case needs. 

A sudden limited-time promotional offer can be advertised in real time through the banner slideshow and facilitate awareness to engage customers. While existing content can be planned in advance and timed to be shown down to the second. Compile events together and have them running on your digital signs around the clock for as long as needed. 

Digita banner slideshow countdown timer


Reach out to PAM today for a full demo on how the cloud based digital wayfinding platform can improv e customer engagement at your venue.

Or read more about how to create and activate the Digital Banner Slideshows to support your ongoing and upcoming events, login into the PAM dashboard and navigate to the knowledge base article here.

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