Digital tenant directory tool means more success for your customers

Retail shopping has in the past decade faced a major shift towards online shopping. In this new environment we need to ensure the digital tenant directory provides up to date retail locations in order for tenants to be successful. Using this method blends in an online experience while getting customers excited and in their door.


PAM offers many such tools for a digital tenant directory, including:

  • Highlighting promotions and deals
  • Promoting upcoming events
  • Directions to both physical locations and links to online shopping if desired

Deals or Promotions are still the first thing most shoppers look for when considering a purchase. Being able to highlight the promotions a tenant is running through both their tenant location card AND a dedicated promotions tab gives shoppers full exposure to deals they might be interested in.

The one thing that online shopping can not fully capture is the environment for a live event. Whether it be a new product unveiling, live band, a giveaway or even the local farmers market, being able to promote these events is important to attract new and returning customers to a location. PAM provides directions to currently running events and links to upcoming ones so customers can book a reservation, purchase tickets, or just find out more information.

Most importantly, visitors want to find their way to the locations they are looking for in the most pleasurable and convenient way possible. PAMs world class smart wayfinding platform provides a 3D world for visitors to explore that puts the placemaking and wayfinding markers they see in the real world into a near game engine environment instead of a flat 2D colourless map. Now retail shoppers can find their way around more simply and effectively, making their experience more pleasure and ultimately your retail tenants more profitable.


By providing these tools in the digital tenant directory, marketing teams can use PAM to provide tenants with the tools needed to ensure they are successful. Ultimately the end customer has a great experience and returns often, making any the environment more sticky and competes with the online experience.


To read more about how to activate a full screen experience , login into the PAM dashboard and navigate to the knowledge base article here.

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