Discover how Digital Parking Management can elevate the parking experience & bottom line

Digital Parking Management, is a feature of the PAMOS Platform, a powerful cloud based solution revolutionizing parking management. With its extensive connectivity options, PAM Parking Manager enables you to control and manage parking information easily & securely from any device. Whether it’s live parking status info, space availability or dynamic rates, the PAM Parking Manager streamlines your parking operations, providing a frictionless experience for both operators and customers.

Pre-plan dynamic parking inventory to suit your venues event requirements

By pre-planning and inputting parking information into different Scenes, administrators can ensure a smooth parking experience for customers by changing Scenes. What are Scenes? For instance, if there’s an upcoming event or experience, you can plan navigation to the best parking options for a particular event. Scenes are switched at the beginning of each event, ensuring the correct parking information is displayed to customers at the right time, reducing friction for the inbound journey and ensuring they start their event experience on a positive note.

Real-Time updates: respond to those unexpected situations

In addition to scene planning, Parking Manager offers the live overrides feature. This feature becomes invaluable in unexpected situations that demand immediate updates to parking information. For example, if there is a sudden change in parking availability or a need to update the status due to an emergency, operators can make instant updates using live overrides. This ensures that customers receive real-time and accurate information promptly, allowing them to make informed decisions about their parking options.

Share live parking & traffic intel with your customers

Digital wayfinding plays a crucial role in helping users navigate districts effectively. By sharing this intel with your customers, they can make informed choices on their inbound journey. Digital signs strategically placed throughout the district guide users to the nearest parking lots, displaying relevant information managed through PAM Parking Manager. This integration ensures a seamless transition from the parking lot to their end destination, making the overall experience more convenient and efficient.

digital parking manager map

With digital parking management, administrators have the power to control and manage parking information, enhancing the overall user experience. By utilizing the scene planning feature, administrators can prepare for events in advance, while the live overrides feature allows them to respond promptly to unforeseen circumstances. This combination of proactive and reactive management ensures that parking information remains accurate and up-to-date at all times.

Once an event concludes, data and analytics provided by the platform will ensure the operations team can review any changes or live overrides that were made throughout the day. This info will help inform the team of repetitive changes to be added to the wayfinding playbook for any future events.

PAM Parking Manager is a comprehensive solution for optimizing parking lot operations. By leveraging its features such as scene planning and live overrides, administrators can provide visitors with accurate information, frictionless navigation, and an overall improved parking experience. Incorporating digital wayfinding into the parking management system further enhances user satisfaction and helps them navigate districts more efficiently.

Embrace the power of PAM Parking Manager to create efficient parking operations for your venue and provide exceptional service for your customers. For more information on removing barriers, finding solutions and making moments better, reach out to us using the contact form below.

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