Create a safe, connected campus with PAM

There’s an easy way to connect students with the events and amenities in your campus or district.


PAM’s 3D dynamic maps make it easy to connect students with the events and amenities in your campus or district.

Each beautiful map can be accessed from digital kiosks, websites or mobile apps, and provides a wealth of information about events, safety, emergency contacts and more.

We work with our clients to provide an intuitive, information-rich platform they can use to promote the attractions and facilities taking place every day. All information is easily managed through PAM, or via an integration with existing systems.

All kiosk and mobile touchpoints update in real-time to make sure users are not just informed, but connected and engaged.

In a campus setting, PAM not only helps users find classes and amenities, but also pop-up events such as orientation gatherings, club events and even off-campus meetings. Beyond physical navigation, PAM gives our clients the ability to promote virtual classes, sponsors, plus ensure public announcements reach everyone as quickly as possible.

For more university use cases, visit our Youtube Channel.

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