Entertainment Precincts

Entertainment precincts – How Facilities Management handles a dynamic event calendar

Entertainment precincts now focus heavily on brand experiences and events to draw in visitors. Stadiums are now conducting ‘Halloween Nights’ and other seasonal events that use large portions of their property that are otherwise under-utilized. Shopping malls run Beauty Festivals that draw in large crowds at times the mall is otherwise quiet.

The shift in the fundamental business model of these entertainment and retail businesses presents an array of challenges. Firstly, these facilities are now being used for activities outside their original design. A mall is not designed to run a large, time specific event. A stadium’s parkland may not have the technological infrastructure for a sound and light show. 

For Facilities Management running entertainment precincts or mixed-use facilities of a similar type, there are two primary challenges to solve. First, how to manage a different kind of audience, at a different attendance volume and a different time. Second, how to empower visitors to make best use of the facility during any kind of activity. For instance, how does a facility handle large volumes of vehicular transport for an event, and how do Facilities Managers communicate with visitors about how to navigate such changed conditions?

Improvements to facilities are happening quickly, and they’re technologically-centered. Firstly, the data that’s been building up for the past decade informs what needs to adapt. Facilities Managers have the tools to understand the utilities needs, parking flows and data requirements during regular business and special events. That data is driving a new generation of facilities developments. It’s making the customer experience better, in line with heightened expectations.

The technological developments these entertainment precincts can now leverage include improved wifi, security, traffic management and pedestrian experience platforms. It’s critical to give visitors the information they want; when and where events are taking place, how to get there, including the best parking option. They want the fastest route through the district, campus or shopping center. Customers expect a meld of real experience and virtual benefits – I like this product, can I now pay online? 

In tandem with supplying the information required to reduce the friction during the visit, facilities are focused on making the most from their investments, by connecting visitors with goods and services on offer and maximizing revenue.

Facilities are investing heavily in a technology-driven effort to improve their facilities and in-turn make their facilities customer-centric. The ideas and advances are moving quickly. For us here at PAM, it’s exciting to help lead the charge. We’re improving these spaces and giving visitors the kind of connected experience that means more to them than just a good night on the sofa.

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