Events URL Handoff for eXplorer Maps

Are you tired of searching for directions to your favorite events? Are you tired of being directed to ticketing pages that lack essential information? Look no further than Event URL Handoff, the new PAM eXplorer feature that provides a seamless experience for all event-goers.

Solution: Event URL Handoff

With Events URL Handoff from PAM eXplorer Maps, operations teams can now customize a URL to provide users with additional event information, such as the ability to book tickets directly or provide more event information. When users scan the QR code or click the button on the mobile devices, they will be directed to a page that provides them with the necessary information while also guiding them to the event location (for live events). 

Drive repeat visitation and frictionless event journeys

One of the most significant benefits of Events URL Handoff is that it promotes events and activations for fans to buy tickets and upgrade their experiences. With a customized URL, organizers can direct users to specific ticketing pages, enabling them to book their tickets directly. Additionally, the feature enables organizers to provide users with additional information about the event, such as VIP experiences or after-party access. This feature can significantly increase the revenue generated from an event by encouraging users to upgrade their experiences.

Another benefit of Events URL Handoff is that it provides event organizers with valuable data about user behavior. The customizable URL feature enables marketing teams to track the number of clicks and views on the page, providing valuable insight into user interest and behavior. This information can be used to optimize future events and promotions to better cater to the preferences and needs of the target audience.


To activate Events URL Handoff, event organizers need to follow a simple process. First, they need to create a customized URL that provides users with the necessary information about the event. This URL can then be added to the experience in PAM eXplorer maps where data insights can be collected.

Users can then scan the QR code provided or click straight through on their mobile devices to access the URL, providing them with all the necessary event details.

The Events URL Handoff is a game-changer for event organizers and attendees alike. It provides event-goers with a seamless experience, ensuring that they have all the necessary information to enjoy the event fully. At the same time, it provides event organizers with valuable data that can be used to optimize future events and promotions. With its customizable URL feature and blue line navigation, Event URL Handoff enables venues to encourage repeat visitation and provide users with a stress-free experience from start to finish.

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