Fighting emergencies through information

PAM works with the world’s largest commercial properties to deliver a navigation experience for millions of visitors. We’re implementing new technologies together with traditional methodologies in one digital system that’s faster and more efficient – essential requirements for managing large precincts. PAM reduces friction for visitors coming to a facility and connects them with the environment once they arrive. When visitors feel informed, they can relax and enjoy themselves.

There’s so much potential in the field of smart navigation. We have the capability to not only deliver superior visitor experiences and higher revenues, but to also impact the way hazardous situations are handled. We’re researching how PAM can assist with critical events like building evacuations, or crowd management in case of natural disaster or imminent threat.

Working with groups like KPMG’s Data 61 and the Australian Government’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), we’re designing solutions that arise with these challenges. How can we provide a clearer escape route AND how do we make people aware of it when they’re under pressure and in immediate danger? How can intelligent navigation be better delivered in a building without power or communications?

Our search is tied to our ability to collect data and apply it to real-life scenarios. The data we’re capturing from commercial buildings will guide the development of safer building codes and evacuation procedures. Buildings are undoubtedly safer than they were 50+ years ago, but if we can retrofit safety mechanisms that bring them on par with newer architecture and fabrication codes, heritage architecture can be preserved.

Does navigation technology really have the power to save lives? Our CEO, Stephen Minning, experienced this first hand during the Australian Christmas Bushfires and discovered the power of information to be the difference between safety and danger – Read “A virtual map saved my life, and may save yours one day

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