Filing your way to simplicity

Never lose track of asset details again! The PAM 2.15 release brings with it an end to backtracking on information, lost files and tricky handovers.

We are pleased to introduce file storage that keeps your assets – and everything related to them – tracked. You can now store relevant files with individual assets. Previously PAM users have saved photos, and notes alongside their assets, allowing them to report and check in with teams through the project life cycle.

Given the success of this, we’ve increased your ability to share information among stakeholders. Include construction details, footing information, electrical, plumbing and any documents that you might need in alongside your assets. By using this method, you avoid the need for separate storage systems for information on a single asset. Keeping files all in one place means your team can avoid loses or confusion over asset information.

Most importantly, this new update keeps you and your team accountable for the wayfinding ecosystem you’ve created. By storing information alongside the asset, the files are shared with everyone responsible for it. This means your team can work more collaboratively than ever with equal access to vital details.

This ability supports your desire to maintain wayfinding system integrity. When staff members change teams or companies, everything they worked on stays with your team and the asset. No more lost scraps of paper or lost background. Geographic file storage means a seamless handover from one person to another.

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