District Owners Use Case: How to create revenue-centric customer experience

District Owners Use Case: How to create revenue-centric customer experience

Frictionless customer journeys

It’s harder than ever to attract audiences, who are entrenched in a home entertainment culture, further fueled by COVID. Property experience managers have to make it easier for visitors to come, to grow loyal customers and a great reputation.

How stadium owners minimize barriers, engage audiences, and delight fans may be critical to their venues’ future.

Reduce barriers to attendance

Providing a frictionless journey to the event starts with giving your visitors the best information possible about that journey from their sofa to their destination. While existing services can give a general set of directions, it’s up to your property to give them the personalized information they really need to make it easy.

PAM provides 3D Explorer maps that you can sent as a link to visitors, showing them their route from home, to their designated parking and onward to their destination on your property.

  • Reduce barriers that keep people home
  • Engage with visitors immediately
  • Visitor clarity and comfort
  • Promote key sales destinations
  • Why PAM?

    Informed and engaged customers

    Give visitors the help they need to visit you, with a simple inbound journey that immediately connects them with the destinations they’re interested in. When visitors understand how to reach you, where to park and what to do, barriers come down and enthusiasm goes up.

    Parking and traffic efficiency

    With PAM, you can guide your fans not just to the property, but to specific parking destinations, including the best entrance for their chosen parking lot. Your customers can see parking availability before they arrive, so they can make the best decision for them.

  • Improve parking efficiency
  • Reduce delays and frustration
  • Maximize parking revenues
  • Open and close entrances, lots and roads in real time, according to your operational circumstances. Provide pedestrians with safe, fast choices they understand.

    Which solution fits?

    Turning visitors into fans

    Once visitors are safely at the property, they’ll want to be clear on where to go and what to do. Take the opportunity to guide them to the feature locations on your property.

    30% of first-time visitors get confused and lost… And they can’t necessarily rely on staff to help them: 25% say they can’t locate some destinations within their own (facilities)

    Frictionless engagement

    The transition from the inbound journey to enjoying your property is often a period of uncertainty that results in confused visitors, who may spend time lost and frustrated instead of engaged with your products and services.

  • Immediate visitor engagement
  • Connect visitors with products and services
  • Improved and safer crowd flow
  • PAM helps visitors find their way to featured destinations, events, brand activations, products and services. Directional information is always accurate and adapts to the events of the day, controlled by your team. Visitors use digital directional signs, interactive kiosks and take take that information with them on their mobile devices via a QR Code handoff.

    PAM for your Industry

    The future works

    You want to build something that lasts. PAM provides the most agile and adaptive navigation for your business to future-proof your precinct. Change is definitely going to happen. So be prepared for it. Email us on hello@pam.co or fill in this form so we can help turn your space into a loved place.