If your customer is lost, you've lost your customer.

Intelligent navigation for smart precincts

People will always need pointing in the right direction but we are also pointing places in the right direction. Digital transformation lays a new foundation for organizations to be ready for future changes in customer behaviour and new technologies.

PAM enables you to dramatically improve navigation and elevate the customer experience on your property, by providing frictionless journeys to, from and throughout your precinct or venue. Create a smart, social, connected environment so your guests can enjoy every minute of their day, see more, do more and connect with more friends. This adds equity to your brand and increases revenue across your property.


Create an environment where your visitors feel safe, empowered and feel in control.

Provide a frictionless navigation system; a critical environmental foundation that ensures visitors know where they are, what's on offer and how to take advantage of every amenity, facility and event you provide.

The seamless journey begins well before arriving on site.

It can begin with a simple attraction - an idea to attend a game, a concert, or simply to have a fun night out. Provide a frictionless experience from end to end, and tie a ticket purchase or reservation to a complete sofa-to-seat journey.

The visitor engages with you from that very first moment.

They click a link, or perhaps scan a printed reservation card. From that point on, the journey is carefully delivered in a way that makes sure visitors know where they're going and have a clear picture of how it will happen. Not just where the venue is, but the best parking lot or drop-off point for their particular interests and for their event - based on real-time availability data.

Once in the precinct, the personalized experience you provide to them suits their preferred ways of using a place - connected touchpoints including physical signage, digital signs, interactive kiosks and their mobile device give them an array of ways to navigate. A visitor can rely on any of these, knowing that the information and visual look will be consistent.

The touchpoints provide directions, but go way beyond.

PAM 360 Explorer provides visual pathways between origin and destination. Visitors can set multiple points to create an entire day's plans and plot their journey.

You'll then provide all the information they need to enjoy their day - event information, promotions, real-time activities - when they need it, and particular to their tastes and needs.


Personalized precincts turn visitors into fans

  • Wellbeing

    Responding to the requirements and emotional needs of users, staff and customers through data-based automation and EQ integration with existing systems is a wide plane of benefits stemming from a well adopted connected environment. Where the PAM platform is deployed, there is a real opportunity for improving happiness and wellbeing for all stakeholders, with long term benefits for productivity, profitability and engagement.

  • Security

    The security and safety of an environment, its users and its assets is a high priority and a key responsibility for any organisation. PAM is a new paradigm that contributes to your peace of mind and your security through communications, situational monitoring, faster and more efficient real time incident response and data analysis.

  • Safety

    Monitoring and curating interactions with users in a connected environment can lead to improved OH&S guidelines and processes that will have a measurable effect on user safety and security as they explore and engage with their space. The health benefits of a connected environment can include measuring the climate, ambiance and surroundings for potential health threats, from fire warnings to logistical issues and communicating instructions and alerts to users in a timely and effective way.

  • Efficiency

    The data and personalized communication that a connected environment allows and harvests provides for optimisation of all systems and processes around your space and its users. Connected environments represent a level of user based data that has never previously been available. This information can be used to streamline every action and interaction.

  • Accessibility

    The goal of inclusivity and accessibility is a key driver for connected environments. The ability to cross communication and information barriers based on language, ability and context can open your environment to all users. A connected environment builds inclusivity into the DNA of spaces, campuses and situations, removing obstacles to an accessible future.

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