Connect people to what they love.

PAM removes the usual barriers for you and your customers,
making experiences more pleasurable, productive and profitable.

Connected Experiences

Give your visitors the kind of information
they really need - the best parking,
closest building entrance, ideal
location for a coffee and the
shortest route to their destination.

BLE Beacon
Visitors can share their location
with anyone, making it easier
to connect with others inside
your venue.

Connect fans with experiences,
sponsors, amenities and retail,
plus notify them of promotions
or emergencies at any time.

Drive sales, promote events and increase brand engagement.


Manage every customer touchpoint with consistent, effective and personalized navigation. Mobile maps are important, but they’re just one element of a great visitor experience.

Connect customers with sponsored experiences on any screen, seamlessly integrated with your existing network and digital infrastructure. Be up and running in no time - it's simple to connect screens and media players to immediately begin streaming content!

Smart phones - QR codes provide a handoff to any mobile device. Provide customers with immediate access to online bookings. Alternatively, during a live event, provide customers a digital map to find their way.

Promote goods and services available at your venue; a juicy Cobb salad at a restaurant, giveaways at a brand pop-up, or a loyalty-experience by the pool bar. Who knows how you'll engage your customers, now they know how to find you, and you know how to find them!
Full Screen Experiences

Customer Kiosks


Find game day experiences
and amenities


Provide the best routes
updated in real time


Connect customers with sponsors
and brand activations

Mobile Maps

Access everything on a kiosk
right on your smartphone!

Put people and
places completely

Branded events

PAM eXplorer maps connect customers with what's going on in real-time. Whether it's a big brand event, re-routing due to an incident or directions to a retail store, PAM provides you with the tools to keep customers up to date.

Provide live content to customer kiosks and their smartphones to show what experiences are active in any location, and the ideal route to get there. They can even see travel times and mobility options available to them.

PAM Menu

Facilities, destinations and experiences; if it's in your venue, your customers can find it. PAM enables brand managers to get creative, and bring familiar online search terms into the real world.

Tag destinations with descriptive words to help customers find experiences, brands and locations. For example, the Nike store can be tagged with 'sneakers', 'sweat pants' and 'trainers'. Starbucks can be tagged with 'coffee' 'latte', 'Frappuccino' and 'muffin'... Who doesn't like a coffee and a muffin!
PAM Experiences

Give your visitors maps that they’ll love to play with. On-brand, visually pleasing and easy-to-use maps entice exploration and give clear directions, to drive brand engagement and increase sales.

Every experience, no matter how big or small, can be found by your customers. Whether they're heading to the headline act that's drawing the big crowds, or simply if they're trying to find their airport gate, your visitors can find any location or event as it's happening.

Sponsor brands connect with audiences, whether a Brand Launch, wine tastings in Duty Free or a customer recognition event for VIP's in your venue - PAM connects brands with customers.

Manage experiences across all of your customer touchpoints. QR codes on advertised experiences let customers immediately navigate in real-time, using mobile phones.

Branded locations

Branded Places

Make locations more recognizable. Add Brand logos to the eXplorer map. Ensure customers never miss an opportunity to identify a brand, sponsored event or location.

Branded Maps

Realistic Spaces

Lost? Looking for a place to meet? Add 3D objects to replicate your real environment. Identify waypoints and features within your district, to bring your environment to life.
Live experiences

Live Experiences

Assign current and future experiences to locations, so visitors discover what's on in your district. Set event locations within the map, to sell tickets and enable visitors to 'virtually' explore your environment.

If your customer
is lost, you've
lost them.


Smart Navigation

Playbooks control a sequence of pre-planned wayfinding 'scenes' to manage vehicular and crowd traffic flows efficiently and safely.

PAM Scenes allow operators to safely and efficiently manage your district, and ensure visitors enjoy their visit with minimal interruption and fuss. Control all digital customer touch points, with each playing it's own part in the overall navigation flow of the district, according the needs of the event, schedule or day.

Smart Navigation

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