PAM series – How to build a smart campus

The smart campus is taking over and the need to adapt is quickly leaving facilities behind.

While the choice to join, this is simple, the environments that need change are often highly complex.

Universities are in a state of constant transformation and utilise technology and environments that support this. While keeping up with these changes, understanding how to achieve a smart campus is no small challenge. Importantly, universities must assess the smart campus in 2017, and how to future proof this for years to come. These questions, and others like them, have wide-reaching implications for every part of a campus.

Our mission is to simplify the journey to smart campus wayfinding over the next ten weeks, PAM will explore topics central to this process. This series will explore best practice and past pitfalls with wayfinding and marketing experts. They’ll guide us from the fundamentals of understanding your space and user through to managing design, installation and launch. Join us to explore topics central to building a smart campus wayfinding system.

Find out how to develop and future-proof your campus for students and visitors. Come along with PAM on the journey to the smart campus and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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