How to create Digital Gateways for PAM eXplorer Maps

In today’s fast-paced digital world, finding our way through unfamiliar locations has become easier than ever thanks to digital wayfinding platforms like PAM. These platforms provide interactive maps that guide users to their destinations with ease. To enhance the accessibility and convenience of such platforms, it is crucial to create digital gateways that enable customers to access interactive maps on their phones. We will explore the importance of digital gateways through a series of videos and discuss how to incorporate features that enable users to share maps via social media, email, and SMS.

So what are Digital Gateways and how do you create them?

The start of our mini-series kicks off with how you can create digital gateways that enable customers to access digital maps on their mobile phones. Allocate where you’d like to place a Digital Gateway the use the built in QR Code generator in the Map Editor and Digital Sign Manager to print QR Codes and place on physical signs. These QR Codes serve as gateways for users to navigate your environment, all while providing data and analytics back back on the number of scans and searches from that particular location.

Leverage existing communications channels to share digital maps

Empower marketing teams to leverage existing marketing communications and share tenant locations with their customers. For example, the Downtown Vegas Alliance and Chamber of Commerce promote a member spotlight in their weekly news. By simply adding a “Take Me There” button with a location link in their email, customer can easily navigate from anywhere in the city to the exact tenant location! This convenient map integration enhances email marketing, creating greater awareness for your tenants.

Let customers amplify your brand by sharing locations

Sharing locations with friends has never been easier. Customers can navigate your environment, access the tenant directory and select the location they want to share using the share tray on their mobile phones. Once received, the recipient clicks on the message to get directions, from anywhere within the city, it’s that simple!

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