How to create smart wayfinding systems


Did you know that converting your floor plans and sign templates into a smart wayfinding app is surprisingly easy?

PAM has unveiled its Smart Wayfinding System – a web application that delivers personal wayfinding information directly to people’s smart phones, improving the campus experience.

What is a Smart Wayfinding System?

Powered by live data and up-to-date maps, PAM ’s Smart Wayfinding System utilises all the data you upload to PAM to create a web application that’s accessible to visitors to your site.

Think it of a simple way of transforming valuable information like sign templates, floor plans PDFs and installation diagrams into a user-friendly app that’s searchable and features interactive maps to guide people around.

Key features

The maps and digital directories displayed in your Smart Wayfinding System are powered by live, real-time information. If you change the name of a venue or relocate a faculty, your Smart Wayfinding System will pull this data directly from PAM so it’s always up-to-date.

It’s easy to search for a room or location, or view maps that show the safest after-dark routes or bicycle paths. You can even translate digital directories into other languages – ideal for international students and visitors.

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