Team Up with File Integration

Creating a source of truth for wayfinding is better than ever after our 2.17 release introduced drawings, artwork and documents storage.

Bring your team together at every stage of the project by providing the detail they need to create, implement and maintain you wayfinding eco system. Importantly – you can maintain your file storage in the spaces that work for your team.



One of the most exciting elements of our new updates! Creating new signs and modifying existing ones can now be done on a shared platform by placing your illustrator, photoshop and design files in PAM. Connect these to the asset and when you’re decided on the winner – select this as the primary artwork image.

Integrate Drawings In PAM



Avoid the post audit blues by connecting your images directly to their asset and never cross reference again. Use your audit images to understand the environment with photo sphere images and design for the spaces you know. Reduce installation and maintenance time by approving changes from your desk.


Used a beautiful sign on campus? Marketing can now let you know where they’ve included the image in a promotional document. Document storage is for PDFs for the whole team – whether its facility management information, electrical reports or marketing notes. Streamline your work together and keep hold of the information that really matters – no matter how small.

Document Integration with PAM


Installation is simplified with diagrams attached direct to your assets. Provide conditional logic to installers and maintenance teams to avoid back and forth in small fixes.

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