Kiosk search enhancements

Kiosk search enhancements on PAM eXplorer

Ever wanted a bite to eat at the mall but didn’t know where the food court was? What about finding the team store at a stadium? PAM enables district operators to customize the search function on interactive kiosks and eXplorer maps that give visitors a frictionless navigation experience – taking them to exactly where they want to be.


Help your tenants become more visible by adding custom quick links, featured locations and popular search terms to the interactive kiosks and PAM eXplorer. 

Featured locations highlight important and frequently visited areas as well as promoted tenants and can be adjusted depending on the individual kiosk location.

Popular search results automatically appear based on previous search history from visitors around the district.

Quick Link filters become customizable to help users quickly find common places such as restrooms, parking lots or paying tenant locations.


Facilities, destinations and experiences; if it’s in your venue, your customers can find it. PAM enables brand managers to get creative, and make featured locations easily stand out. 

This new update has two benefits, one Operational and one centered around Customer Experience. 

Operations teams can now quickly direct visitors to important locations with the click of a button. This removes the need to have an employee standing on the corner, telling visitors where the restrooms are – simply add restrooms as buttons (with navigational directions).

Customer Experience teams can now promote locations based on their tenants needs. Every company strives to be number one on search engine results, many even pay to be there. PAM’s featured locations empower district marketing teams to take advantage of extra digital real estate and promote locations with directions on how to get there.

Activating search enhancements

Once logged into PAMOS – operations and marketing teams can go into settings to add their customized quick link filters with relevant details, as well as add their featured locations and review popular searches. 

Take it one step further and add keyword search terms to locations and tag destinations with descriptive words to help customers find experiences, brands and locations.

To read more about how to customize search enhancements, login into the PAM dashboard and navigate to the knowledge base article here.

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