KPMG lists PAM as a global real estate innovation

Consulting giant KPMG has listed PAM among a select few Australian companies in its 2020 KPMG Real Estate Innovations Overview. The report, the first of it’s kind with a global emphasis, highlights the growing technology focus in the real estate industry, known as PropTech. The report focuses on trends both globally and regionally, which interestingly seems to vary from region to region. Digitizing processes, developing platforms to connect multiple streams of information and the use of 3D mapping to improve experiences are core elements of the report that PAM is solving.

More than anything, the KPMG Real Estate Innovation Overview highlights how much the PropTech industry is driven by customer experience. The previous wave of property technology was primarily about building documentation and management. In contrast, the current wave is about using that information to provide customers with an experience that maximizes the value of the time they’re investing. Along with that, technology is keeping customers safer, more informed and in control of their experience.

Diagram courtesy KPMG 2020

From the management perspective, these experiences must be delivered while also improving efficiency and decision-making in conjunction with reducing overhead.

In an industry that’s receiving in excess of 2.5 billion dollars in investment annually, it’s important to be a leader. At PAM we’ve been focused on improving the customer experience since our inception and so to make the 2020 KPMG Real Estate Innovations Overview is a confirmation that we’re doing the right things and building the right solution for commercial real estate precincts.

To read the KPMG Real Estate Innovations Overview and visit their Dashboard, CLICK HERE.



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