Major Events

Major Events

Major Events

Make every place a safe space

Built to adjust to our new realities, PAM manages everything from frictionless customer experiences and sponsor engagement to crowd control and emergency situations. Be prepared for major events with the ultimate smart navigation platform, keep your fans engaged and safer every minute of the day.

Major Events

In the bustling heart of major events, navigating through the sea of attractions, amenities, and promotions can be a challenge. PAM’s Smart Navigation solutions are enabling attendees to experience a new era of navigation and engagement. Imagine at the 2024 Australian Open, where fans seamlessly navigated using interactive maps integrated into the official mobile app and website. Enabling fans to locate food outlets, merchandise stores, and premium experiences effortlessly, all while capturing valuable data to enhance future events.

Similarly, when Formula 1 made its triumphant return to Las Vegas, our Smart Navigation Platform played a pivotal role. Amid the high-speed excitement and city-wide disruptions, 3D mapping technology within the F1 Las Vegas App ensured fans could easily find ticketed zones, entertainment and partner hotels. Road closures meant fans used eXplorer maps to get to exactly to where they needed to be, escaping friction points and bottle necks.

No matter the event, PAM’s digital wayfinding solutions transform the way fans interact with your city district, complementing your existing digital toolset. By dynamically updating brand and sponsor promotions, and providing personalized routing and estimated times, we supercharge your event experience, ensuring fans never miss a moment of the action.

Embrace the future of fan engagement and seamless navigation with PAM’s Smart Navigation technology.

Unprecedented Fan Engagement

At major city events, PAM’s eXplorer maps have significantly boosted fan engagement. On average, 22% of fans, translating to nearly 250,000 map sessions per event, have utilized PAM eXplorer maps to navigate their surroundings. This widespread adoption underscores the value of real-time information and personalized routes, enabling attendees to effortlessly locate key event zones, food vendors, and entertainment spots.

By enhancing navigation and providing a richer, more interactive experience, digital wayfinding ensures fans are more connected and engaged, making each event more enjoyable and memorable.


"Having a digital interactive map for the first time at this year's event meant that over 1.1 million fans had access to absolutely everything, making AO24 the most connected event ever!"
Machar Reid, Head of Innovation
Tennis Australia

Fan experience like never before

Transform the fan experience at major city events by offering frictionless navigation and deeper engagement with event surroundings. With interactive maps accessible via mobile apps and web browsers, attendees can effortlessly locate food vendors, bars, stadiums, and various event zones.

Smart navigation provides real-time information and personalized routes, enabling fans to explore hidden gems and maximize their event experience. During the Australian Open in 2024, the goal was to quickly connect fans with key areas across the sprawling campus and promote experiences to ensure visitors were always informed and able to plan their day with ease.

Instant updates and dynamic navigation create a more personalized and engaging fan journey, enhancing the overall experience. Digital wayfinding not only improves movement efficiency but also strengthens the connection between attendees and the diverse offerings of the event, making each moment more memorable.

Amplifying Sponsor Activations

Digital wayfinding provides major event hosts with a powerful tool for enhancing sponsor activations, serving as a valuable digital asset that delivers clear ROI through impressions and click-through rates (CTR).

By integrating sponsored logos into high-use areas of digital maps, event organizers can offer sponsors increased visibility and engagement, which translates into greater sponsorship value.

This heightened engagement benefits event hosts by attracting and retaining sponsors, ultimately boosting revenue and ensuring the success of future events. Additionally, the interactive nature of digital maps enhances the overall fan experience, making the event more memorable and enjoyable for attendees.

Building brand equity

The Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix eXplorer map connected brands and events across the city. Fans were immersed in the racing experience IRL and online from anywhere in vibrant Las Vegas. The interactive map provided a curated directory of partner hotels, services, and retail, offering personalized searches and experiences based on venues and zone locations. This invaluable touchpoint not only enhanced the overall event experience but also served as a gateway for attendees to discover more of Las Vegas during the day and after hours.

Partners achieved increased visibility with fans, ensuring Formula 1 Grand Prix participants knew exactly where to find anywhere related to the F1 fan X, fostering a symbiotic relationship of trust between the event and the key city stakeholders.

Turn visitors into fans

The power of PAM comes when major events create navigation playbooks to help fans find exactly where they want to be, it also enables dynamic branding updates across hundreds of digital touchpoints for any event type. NFL games, F1 events, two week tennis tournaments, music concerts – PAM adapts the content to any audience and brand. Even when two events are on the same day, the whole environment transforms from one branded event to a completely different experience.

Experiences, promotions, tenant locations and 3D models can all be managed through PAM and hyper contextualized to each and every main event taking place. It’s never been easier for fans to connect to their environment and create new experiences, new memories and now a smarter way to find them.

SoFi Stadium Case Study

Hollywood Park
"We are the first NFL Stadium to have an integrated digital wayfinding strategy, and that sets us apart as a leader in smart district navigation, not just for the stadium footprint, but for the entire site around the stadium."
Chan Onechanh, VP Facility Operations.
SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

Wayfinding Scene

On a normal day, Hollywood Park has select parking options available to visitors. The team store and offices are open for business, while visitors can explore the campus and it’s many attractions.

During this scene, upcoming events and sponsors are promoted on the digital signage. Visitors use their mobile to scan QR codes and explore the district to find retail destinations.

Game Day Crowd Control
Wayfinding Scene

On NFL Game Day Champions Way transforms from a vehicular road to a pedestrian walkway for fans accessing the stadium and the SoFi Stadium security perimeter expands.

This scene changes the Digital signs to direct traffic and pedestrians while promoting events and experiences; the wayfinding adapts to guide crowds safely to the correct gates while parking lots combine into coloured zones. Specific district access points and routing reduce congestion and enable visitors to quickly find their stadium entrance.

Major Event Crowd Control
Wayfinding Scene

During a major event, operational teams use PAM to provide a completely different navigation playbook. Security gates are extended past parking lots, temporary perimeter fencing is erected and entrances relocated. Completely different rules apply for crowd control during inbound and outbound navigation.

Sponsors and brand activations can be brought to life for the ultimate fan experience using interactive maps and digital signs to provide frictionless navigation for a very different environment.

Smarter navigation

When it’s all about the visitor experience, you need the smartest suite of smart navigation products available in the world today. PAM is your trusted and reliable partner to provide cloud software to design and manage your event navigation experience.

Enhance the experience for both onsite visitors and online users while seamlessly managing maps across multiple venues. With PAMOS, streamline your operations, and leverage PAMalytics to gain valuable insights into user behavior. Choose the solutions that best fit your requirements and create a customized package unique to your needs.

PAMOS - The Power of One

PAM provides secure cloud software tools to design and manage the best navigation experiences for your venue. The PAM digital experience CMS means you can deploy content in any place at any time to keep crowds flowing and engaged.

Dynamic QR codes connect visitors with engaging content and provide sponsors with intel so they know how to keep improving the retail experience and drive brand engagement. Manage brand locations for pop up events and take people to the right location with dynamic routing that can be updated in real time

Learn: PAMOS

The Power of PAMalytics

Revolutionizing navigation at Major Events, PAMalytics not only captures user data but also transforms it into actionable insights for optimizing operations and enhancing user experiences. Through mobile, kiosk, and web platforms, PAM eXplorer maps track engagement timelines, session metrics, and user demographics, enabling tailored marketing campaigns and personalized content delivery.

Leveraging user heatmaps, marketers identify popular locations and pathways, while analyzing user interactions guides strategic decisions to amplify engagement and sponsor partnerships.

By continuously refining wayfinding journeys and customer touchpoints, PAMalytics ensures seamless navigation and improved customer satisfaction, driving brand engagement and revenue growth.

The ultimate Smart Navigation Platform

Whether you’re planning for the opening ceremony crowds, connecting fans with unique experience opportunities, or promoting live DJ sets, PAM has you covered. PAM provides you with full control over all your digital customer touchpoints, allowing event operators to seamlessly adapt to the unique requirements of each day’s event schedule. Marketing teams can use the platform to craft targeted campaigns and ensure maximum engagement.

The real-time capabilities of the PAM platform enable instant updates, keeping fans informed of events and experiences they can actively participate in throughout the day. This ensures a dynamic and engaging experience for all attendees.

PAM is a powerful platform capable of connecting fans from all over the city to your major event. Connect with us today and we can demonstrate our advanced technology is transforming major sporting events.

The future works

You want to build something that lasts. PAM provides the most agile and adaptive navigation for your business to future-proof your precinct. Change is definitely going to happen. So be prepared for it. Email us on or fill in this form so we can help turn your space into a loved place.