Marketing Digital Signage

Marketing Digital Signage – Engagement for Success

Digital signage is more powerful when it connects visitors with destinations, events and brands – That’s engagement.

We typically think of marketing digital signage as serving a few roles. First, it’s an advertising medium. We’re all familiar with the ubiquitous large-format digital screens found in most public places – and we’re all aware how good we’ve become at blocking those out.

Lesson one is that if signage of any kind doesn’t serve a very clear and specific purpose, it’s no longer an effective means of either advertising or communications.

More commonly we find value in informational digital signage. For the most part, this kind of sign does provide information we want to know, such as movie listing times, building directory information or perhaps a list of upcoming events.

We see this in generic digital signage solutions across campuses, in hotels, restaurants and the like. Increasingly, this kind of signage is failing to attract the attention it once did. Customers already have this basic level of information available on their mobile devices. Even if they pay attention long enough to glean or reinforce the information they’re after, they immediately switch their attention to the most important task of marketing digital signage: connecting that information with an action.

Customers expect digital signage to provide more than a starting point, they want and need a conclusion if they’re going to make the most of their precious time. “Where is my destination”, “how do I complete the task”, “What do I do to complete the purchase?” “What will I do after we’re done here?” Not providing this information is a huge opportunity missed, costing immediate sales and longer term customers.

Marketing Teams who wish to engage with customers need to find ways to provide this level of information. Beyond that, marketing information should lead customers to the next experience. Marketing digital signage provides a connected environment; the kind of place customers demand from modern built environments.

So how do we create that connection?

Smart Navigation

Customers are at their most attentive when they’re planning. We’re all aware of this scenario – we’ve arrived and are planning our trip around the district. We’re a little lost and want clarity. We’re in a heightened state of attention due to this stress. As a marketer this is the greatest opportunity. We get to inform and make our customers aware of our products, services and events. We can either do that VERY BRIEFLY by telling them what’s available, or we can truly engage, by showing them the route to that destination. So how do we achieve this extended engagement in a way that sells?

First, stick with what customers know – directional signage. Sure, there’s sexier ways to convey wayfinding information, but the first thing everyone looks for is a sign. Dynamic directional signage can be updated in real time over the course of a day, to reflect events as they happen. A customer who can quickly see a sign with SPECIFIC, PERSONALIZED information is a happy customer. As an example, imagine a customer looking for dinner. Sure, a sign can point to a restaurant name, but surely a sign saying “Fish Tales Happy hour” is more likely to win customers. That’s the power of well-executed marketing digital signage.

That’s a much more powerful level of engagement, but how do we convert it into a sale?

QR Code Digital Gateways

Add a QR code to that marketing digital signage and allow visitors to connect with a 3D map of the district. You’re now on their mobile device, where they live. A map provides directions but also gives marketers the opportunity to build brand and promote sponsors or other experiences similar to the one the customer has already told us they’re interested in.

Marketing digital signage is an investment to reach more customers. Done well, it will pay huge dividends over time. Speak to PAM about how to create your Connected Environment using the power of smarter navigation and marketing digital signage.

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