Maximize visitor engagement with full screen experiences

As at home screens and stereos have become larger and more high quality, operators have had to compete with this to create districts that visitors want to return to and engage in. There’s still nothing that beats the experience of a live event with the excitement and next level experience it provides to fans. Now that visitors are returning to venues, the challenge is keeping them engaged during events and capturing the excitement after with full screen experiences to encourage them to return again and again.

PAM enables operators and marketing teams with the tools to create a frictionless environment that makes it easier for visitors to navigate. Visitors can now find new & upcoming events, experiences, amenities and promotions that they might not normally interact with and an experience that they can’t get from home.


PAM has the ability to display your promotions, brand your environment, highlight upcoming events and more through Full Screen Experiences on any digital sign or screen throughout your district. These can either be displayed in portrait or landscape mode to work with any device. Each experience or event can individually be assigned to any screen and promote unique experiences to each area and visitor.

Full Screen Experiences

In addition, you have the ability to add a dynamically generated QR code to provide a frictionless handoff to visitors’ phones with a map to their destination or online website such as ticketing or merchandise.

  • Brand your environment to build excitement with locations for the event they are attending
  • Highlight promotions for your tenants throughout your venue and drive traffic to often underutilised locations
  • Promote upcoming events with links to purchase on the spot and capitalize on the visitor excitement


PAM enables your team with the ability to easily brand any environment and advertise events and promotions within your venue. This allows you to engage more closely with your visitors and turn them into fans that cant wait to return. Fully utilizing your digital signage ensures you have a productive, pleasurable and profitable district.


To read more about how to activate a full screen experience , login into the PAM dashboard and navigate to the knowledge base article here.

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