Maximizing Sponsorship Value with Innovative Screensaver Technology

In today’s world, digital impressions have become an integral part of branding and advertising. But how can you ensure that sponsors get accurate impressions, especially in sporting events where fans are constantly on the move? PAM, a leading provider of digital mapping solutions, has found an innovative way to connect sponsors with fans on virtual maps. This solution not only maximizes sponsorship value but also creates alternative revenue sources for your sales team.

Solution: Sponsored Screensaver

By using the eXplorer map, sponsors can now connect with fans in a personalized way. The map is accessible via a ticket, an embedded link, or a QR scan. When fans first access the map, they are greeted with a welcome screen that shows logos from the event or sponsors. The platform even enables marketing teams to customize the logo or welcome screen to different sponsors at different times of the day, using scenes and playbooks, making it more interactive and engaging for fans.

The eXplorer Screensaver adds an alternative source of revenue for your sales team. The bigger the event, the more prominent the sponsorship. By providing sponsors with more branding opportunities, they can connect with more people at every event, creating more impressions and increasing their brand visibility.

Add alternative revenue for your sales team

Moreover, the PAM platform enables marketing teams to activate and control the screensaver. By logging into the PAM dashboard, they can navigate to the knowledge base article and learn more about how to activate and control the screensaver.

This innovative solution not only increases sponsorship value but also creates a better connection between sponsors and fans. By providing sponsors with personalized branding opportunities, they can create a lasting impact on fans and increase their brand loyalty.


If you’re struggling to connect sponsors and brands in your venue, contact the PAM team to learn more about how to monetize your technology ROI and engage sponsors at your venue. A member of the team can walk you through full sponsorship and commercialization options for the PAM Platform.

To read more about how to activate and control the screensaver, login into the PAM dashboard and navigate to the knowledge base article here.

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