Mobile Promotions

Mobile retail promotion list connects visitors to tenants

Struggling to reach customers within your district? Ready to boost engagement and impressions for a sale, and get more customers through your doors? PAM enables tenants to advertise special offers through our new mobile retail promotion list, in tandem with eXplorer maps


Originally only available on interactive kiosks, Mobile retail promotion lists are now visible on mobile devices, enabling more customers to connect with tenants. A QR code or URL is all that’s required to gain access into the eXplorer map. From here, all virtual content can be found by clicking on the promotions tab. 


This new update allows tenants to increase visibility and reach with virtual branded content through marketing promotions that are easily recognised by customers. Fans and visitors can discover any kind of promotion from their own mobile phones and navigate directly to the store location. Smart districts can highlight vendor promotions throughout the week, so customers can connect with their favourite store, restaurant or sponsor. Having the ability to promote any brand on more digital real estate using our Mobile retail promotion list gives tenants another avenue to reach more customers digitally.

Activating mobile retail promotions

On mobile devices, the interface is similar to a kiosk – the user has the same functionality but is provided with ‘take me there’, at which point the route from their current location to the destination is provided. Along with the option to ‘share’ the destination and meet friends or colleagues at the rendezvous point. Users can scroll through the promotions tab on their phones and be led to the exact destination they are looking for. 

To read more about how to activate promotions on mobile, login into the PAM dashboard and navigate to the knowledge base article here.

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