New features improve accessibility

New software updates have made PAM more accessible than ever by adding new features to Kiosk settings. The new Distance Ring and Adjustable Menu give users clear information on their surroundings and enable more user engagement.

Distance Ring

The distance ring will provide the user a visual guide on walking distance based on the current location of the kiosk. The distance ring will automatically locate a kiosk location and provide details on how far certain destinations are with only a quick glance.

The distance ring will expand or shrink depending on the zoom levels set by the user. Zooming in and out of the eXplorer map will change walk times from a minimum of 1 minute to a maximum of 15 minutes.

This common wayfinding feature is now available on PAM eXplorer maps and gives users the benefit of being able to quickly scan their surroundings based on how far they are willing to travel. The update provides more accessibility to venues, making them easier to navigate using landmarks and specific buildings to be able to gauge distance and time.

Adjustable Menu

The Adjustable Menu feature allows users to customise the height of the menu items while viewing and using any Kiosk. The new option for the menu gives more access to anyone in a wheelchair or smaller children using the kiosk.

Users can now simply drag the navigation tools down on any kiosk and move the search and explorer buttons to suit their preferences. The new feature means any venue instantly becomes more discoverable by allowing more people to gain access to search tools and discover experiences in your venue.

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PAM is one powerful system that contains a suite of smart software tools and features, each working together to improve customer experience. This one vital piece of infrastructure drives a multitude of tangible outcomes and solves many of the biggest challenges that district operators face.

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