Operations Use Case: Future-proofed navigation management

Operations Use Case: Future-proofed navigation management

Future-proofed navigation management

Commercial spaces of all kinds are getting harder to manage and keep relevant. Technology is helping to make districts more efficient, robust and environmentally friendly, but these benefits can’t come at the expense of your visitors experiences.

The commercial Smart Building market for IOT is only expected to grow nearly tenfold within the next five year to more than $51 billion globally by 2023.

Digital navigation experience

Creating a digital navigation experience for visitors ensures they’re always getting the best and most accurate information. Your team can make sure any construction, expansion or accidents in the district that potentially disrupt your visitors can immediately be conveyed to customers.

PAM provides 3D Explorer maps that you can sent as a link to visitors, showing them their route from home, to their designated parking and onward to their destination on your property.

  • Reduce crowdflow friction in the venue
  • Provide live updates to visitors travelling to your venue
  • Visitors can pre-plan their trip by exploring a digital twin of your district
Why PAM?

Live updates for visitor safety

Routing adjustments are implemented immediately, to make sure visitors are not inconvenienced, and sales don’t suffer as a result. Keep customers informed with live event information and then guide them to the things they love, anywhere in the district.

Smarter Navigation

Things are often in flux. Smart districts are growing or being renovated and sponsors and tenants change from year to year. PAM helps you keep every digital and physical sign accurate and your property ready for your digital future.

  • Hundreds of customer touchpoints updated in minutes.
  • Direct crowds away from construction
  • manage crowd flow during special events
  • PAM for your Industry

    Digital strategy

    When assessing the benefits of digital wayfinding, it’s of primary importance to have a digital navigation strategy in place that is inclusive of digital signage AND mobile. Programmable, real-time information systems are the future of signage and customer experience.

    Reaching customers digitally is more important than ever, and requires a digital navigation strategy for your venue”

    Digital signage flexibility

    Update signs with event and venue information in the click of a button. Leverage promotional signage and interactive kiosks to help visitors get information when they need it most.

    In high traffic areas, it helps your visitors to see information directly in their line of sight. PAM 360 Connect provides you with the tools to connect as many digital signs and interactive kiosks as you need, quickly, efficiently and securely.

    Which solution fits?

    The future works

    You want to build something that lasts. PAM provides the most agile and adaptive navigation for your business to future-proof your precinct. Change is definitely going to happen. So be prepared for it. Email us on hello@pam.co or fill in this form so we can help turn your space into a loved place.