PAM and GHD Digital Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Digital Wayfinding Solutions

GHD Digital, the digital transformation business of professional services firm GHD, has partnered with PAM to redefine digital wayfinding, aiming to empower precinct owners and operators worldwide. This collaboration merges GHD Digital’s proven digital transformation expertise with PAM’s advanced navigation prowess, creating a potent alliance that delivers innovation and next generation navigation solutions.

GHD Digital brings deep industry knowledge and digital expertise to craft intelligent solutions that enhance visitor experience, safety and accessibility, as well as operational efficiency and increased productivity.

“Our partnership with PAM echoes our commitment to digitally transform infrastructure and places with smart technology that delivers data to a connected site,” said Steve Lennon, Global Client Services Director, GHD Digital. “With PAM, we can offer our clients real-time insights to enhance operational performance, improve safety and reduce operating costs,” added Lennon. Used to manage some of the world’s most iconic venues, PAM is an advanced navigation platform that enables owners and operators of complex environments to deliver safe, accessible and commercial outcomes for their tenants and visitors.

PAM minimises friction and transforms complex environments into seamless and enjoyable experiences for users. “In addition to being a mutually complementary proposition, this partnership shall help us enhance our connected infrastructure and augmented/assisted reality value propositions to our clients whilst also helping us create lasting community benefit,” said Sukalp Sharma, Global Practice Director for Digital Experience, GHD Digital.

Motivated by shared challenges faced by clients, GHD Digital and PAM unite forces to develop sustainable and scalable solutions. Their joint focus centers on digital transformation initiatives within key industry verticals like mining, health, transport, construction, event facilities, campuses, and smart cities.

“PAM’s focus is to make places intuitive and we are delighted to partner with GHD Digital who share our vision. From a small village to city-scale projects, PAM’s award-winning advanced navigation technology, coupled with GHD Digital’s deep understanding of complex environments delivers outstanding results for our clients,” said Jason Faulkner, Executive Chair, PAM.

Within these verticals, GHD Digital and PAM leverage digital wayfinding technology to elevate visitor, staff, and citizen experiences. While universal map applications address high- level directional navigation, the GHD Digital-PAM partnership empowers organisations with the solution to control and tailor their environments for smarter navigation.

The comprehensive advanced navigation solution spans mobile, website, and integrated
digital signage, traffic and pedestrian management, creating a network that enhances customer experiences and facilitates smarter navigation across buildings, mining sites, campuses, and cities.

GHD Digital and PAM are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in digital wayfinding solutions, ushering in a future where organisations have unprecedented control over their environments, ensuring seamless navigation and enriched experiences for all.

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