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PAM Attends IAVM Guest X

Venue Managers are focused on making better, safer experiences for all of us when we attend events. PAM is working to create productive, profitable, and pleasurable environments where people love to spend their time and money.

In comparison safety managers are looking for better ways to communicate with crowds around health protocols, emergency situations, and critical events. The combination of both guest experience and fan safety are key talking points for venues of all sizes.

This past week, PAM attended IAVM (International Association of Venue Managers) Guest X conference in Atlanta, GA to speak to the navigational challenges that exist for guest experience teams within venues. At the conference were Guest and Fan Experience managers from major sports, entertainment, and public assembly venues across the United States. NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB teams and facilities were represented.

With the conference being in Atlanta, there was a focus on how to handle crowds in more urban settings and controlling traffic flow in and out of venues towards rideshare and an ever growing mobility options.

Venues are now seeking ways to make spaces that are convenient, engaging, and centered on their customers. PAM is able to bring together safety and entertainment through adaptive, agile, and dynamic environments.

About IAVM

Representing public assembly venues from around the globe, IAVM’s active members include managers and senior executives from auditorium, arenas, convention centers, exhibit halls, stadiums, performing arts centers, university complexes, and amphitheaters.

Member venues represent huge expenditures of public and private funds. They attract millions of patrons to an astonishing variety of events from football to basketball, baseball to hockey, from rock concerts to conventions, conferences to ballets…the list is almost endless.

IAVM counts more than 500 Allied companies among its members. These companies provide products and services used by managers. Through their IAVM membership, Allied members are able to present their products to this vast market.

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