PAM Features in Connections Magazine

We are delighted to share a snippet of the article featured in Connections Magazine last week! It was an honour to be featured in the wayfinding magazine’s second issue and showcase the work we achieved with UTS.

In May 2008, the University of Technology in Sydney unveiled the City Campus Master Plan – a bold vision for a revitalised campus designed by some of the best architects in both Australia and the world.

The project

Featuring a series of new buildings, major upgrades and improved pedestrian connections through the heart of Sydney’s southern CBD, the Master Plan is designed to transform UTS into one of Australia’s most recognised university campuses.

Bryce Hutchinson, Senior Building Information Officer and Project Manager at UTS, quickly realised that wayfinding would play a vital role in the success of this $1 billion redevelopment.

Hutchinson needed a wayfinding system that could keep up with an ever-changing campus, as well as help students, find their way past scaffolding and cranes as new buildings were being constructed.

“Previously UTS had no way of tracking redundant signage or signage updates. Our documentation and floor plans were seriously out of date – we realised we had been using the same signage floor plans from 12 years ago. We wanted to implement a new wayfinding system that would meet the university’s needs as our campus evolves,” he says.

Like all universities, UTS is in a constant state of flux, welcoming a flood of new students and staff every semester across a fragmented campus. With rotating class timetables and growing competition for student recruitment, Hutchinson wanted to create a more dynamic campus that lived up to its position as a leading university of technology.

“Within the first six weeks of the opening 2017 semester, UTS saw the benefits of their careful implementation of a new signage system. According to Google Analytics, UTS has received over 10,000 users and over 50,000 page views to their UTS microsite since launching – evidence that students are quick to embrace digital wayfinding.”

To read more, download the connections article on page 28 here  Connections-Issue-2.pdf (252 downloads)

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