PAM goes to TEMC

PAM came into the world as a platform to improve efficiencies for its parent company, Brand Culture, under the guidance of its CEO, Stephen Minning.

Since then, it has grown into a fully integrated platform for everyone from designers to facility managers and marketing teams.

This growth was achieved through finding opportunities, such as the Tertiary Education Management conference (TEMC), to listen to and talk with our clients.  

This event is organised in partnership with the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) and the Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association (TEFMA). The result of this partnership is a perfect opportunity to learn. When we attended TEMC this year at the Crown Promenade, Melbourne, there were plenty of opportunities for just that.

What did we learn?

That wayfinding for all campuses – large and small – is a complex operation. More importantly, talking with attendees at TEMC we were able to understand this on a case by case basis. While all universities and facilities have similar wayfinding challenges, every space was different. Each facility faced a sliding scale of the issues below and needed a platform that adapted to the individuality of their campus, brand and team.

The big issues –

  • Budget
  • Workflow
  • Integration
  • Future proofing

What did we do?

Our team on the booth took the time to listen and adapt. By discussing each person’s concerns, experiences and projects we were able to discuss how the PAM platform might best adapt to their needs. We even got a few ideas on how we can adapt further!

Find out more about the PAM platform here.

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