Pam meets the DC SEGD chapter!

The inner workings of an SEGD chapter event might not be as sensible as you think!

According to our US sales lead, Sam Coultrip, his attendance at the DC chapter event found him in a rather unusual professional setting. With the backdrop of world-class squash facilities at Squash is Fire, this event was certainly unique. Sam let us in on a bit of the fun below!

The entertainment started straight away as we watched a short clip of Jimmy Fallon playing Family Feud on the Tonight Show. With drinks in hand and the rules learnt, the competition got underway. Team A vs Team B. A fierce battle commenced as Team A took an early lead. Plenty of questions went back and forth before Team B ultimately stormed back in place to grab the win. Rest assured it was smiles all round despite the competition.

With the sound of squash balls smacking the walls behind us, we sat down with nibbles and wine. Our US sales lead, Sam Coultrip, took to the stage and the discussion of all things wayfinding began. The squash noise briefly softened for him to introduce PAM and field questions on the benefits. Attendees had the opportunity to discuss where it fits into design work, the end client hand over and its impact on the end user. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the audience on all things PAM.  With a few demos on the side, plenty of people got to see how it all works.

The DC chapters really knocked this event out of the park. The venue was great, everyone had fun and we welcomed a new co-chapter! There were new members in attendance and familiar faces too. The community is building and we’re delighted to continue giving our support as SEGD grows stronger.

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