PAM Office Grand Opening – the International Innovation Center Las Vegas

PAM continues to expand and with that, we’re setting up our U.S. West Coast office in downtown Las Vegas. As the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is home to more venues than anywhere and is a great fit for a company focused on improving the venue experience.

Last week in Las Vegas, 140 people from across the business landscape attended the grand opening, with Mayor Goodman officially opening the International Innovation Center. The 11000 square foot facility is home to a range of businesses including Dell, NNT, Ubicquia, Terbine and of course, PAM. The center is home to businesses focusing on IoT, VR, AR and other smart technologies.

PAM Director Jason Hutty with Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Michele Fiore

PAM Director Jason Hutty with Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem Michele Fiore

International Innovation Center is designed as a stepping stone for businesses to pilot with the city and implement technologies that can help the city grow. For PAM, it’s a stepping stone to new opportunities and a larger presence in Las Vegas, our new home. We’ll shortly be creating a demonstration environment, which will provide a working example of how PAM helps transform big, difficult spaces in to pleasurable and profitable places.

We’re already taking appointments to test drive PAM. If you’d like to arrange an appointment, we welcome you to come and experience our solution to managing agile precincts and providing the best possible connected experiences for you customers and fans.

Please contact us HERE to learn more about PAM or to arrange a demo online, or in our Las Vegas office.

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