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"We welcome thousands of new students every year and enrollments are growing, so taking the stress out of wayfinding is really important."

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Implement and control your connected environmental system, cohesive from Day One.
Manage cost centers, generate reports and sign-off on work from a unified platform.
Streamline the delivery of your project to save time and investment money,
with a future-proofed data platform you can rely on.


PAM OS Project

Manage cost centers, generate reports and sign-off on work from a unified platform, to streamline the delivery of your project, saving time and maximizing the value of your investment.

Coordinate delivery and virtually collaborate across teams, keeping all documentation and deliverables in sync. Dynamically assign users to the parts of your project requiring their attention. Manage RFIs and feedback to capture all activity across your project.

PAM OS Assets

Manage and resource your assets, geolocated and linked to digital property Maps and CAD files. Ensure that all branding, messaging and wayfinding guidance is up-to-date and consistent throughout your space.

Use OS Assets as a robust stand-along touchpoint asset manager, or integrate with current facility systems for a seamless execution of your asset deployment.

Provide your users with a cohesive experience across all signage, wayfinding and brand touchpoints that represent your environment. A connected, frictionless experience built on a platform that lives, breaths and adapts as your district evolves.

PAM OS Playbook

Draw from your library of playbooks to aid crowd management. Run different scenarios, change navigation routes, update sign content and dynamically modify digital content based on the environment conditions.

Plan events and playbook routines in advance, to offer a detailed and tested scenario that will support your users, your staff and your space to maintain stability.

Ensure that you maintain touchpoints, wayfinding and signage that aligns with your facility’s needs and your users requirements, at all times and in all circumstances.

PAM OS Integration

Connect into your building and facility management systems, allowing you to share information around building operations, utilizing data to enhance and streamline your platforms.

PAM OS Security

Control access to your digital mapping, data and core information. Maintain verified and secure knowledge bases through encrypted AWS cloud technology.

PAM OS Insights

Understand core insights into your projects and systems, forecasting and tracking progress across multiple variables, users and environments.

“PAM has totally changed how we approach our wayfinding projects, and how we communicate with our clients and our installers. Now everyone can communicate and make decisions via PAM's web-based platform.”

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PAM 360

PAM 360 is how your guests see your world, provide consistent mapping data across multiple touch-points
so they can easily find new experiences and navigate your environment.


360 Explorer

Mobile, device-based environmental experience touchpoints that enhance the personal wayfinding experience from the palm of your customer’s hand. Create personalized engagement with users, in real-world scenarios, while they’re on your property.

Provide frictionless navigation from anywhere in the environment with live traffic and flow updates on detailed 3D maps. District information, landmarks and internal floor plans are set within a global map that provides a smooth experience for users, with optimized routes via pedestrian access, personal vehicle or public transport – from home to any location within your district, inside or out.

Connect users with critical information through links embedded in emails, or in the physical environment using QR codes, NFC and touchpoints.

360 Connect

Introduce touch-based kiosks to your environment so that your users get district information and knowledge on demand. Add PAM Connect kiosks in high-traffic areas, where multiple navigation threads will help deliver connected user-access and frictionless crowd flow. Ensure every user can have access to the personal information they need to make their visit a great one.

Users can tap into destinations, events and time sensitive routes through curated and scheduled content, modelled on pre-determined and dynamic scenarios.

Information can be handed off from kiosks to personal devices such as tablets and phones to ensure that information remains with users on their journey.

360 Reactive

Create adaptive real-time digital signage content and messaging that gives your users access to the right information at exactly the right time.

Signage can be updated from a central location via a cloud-based platform, staying relevant and dynamic to the specific sign location and time.

As space and crowd flow capacity changes throughout daily usage and events, signage can shift and change according to predefined PAM OS Playbooks and real-time scenarios, meaning that users are always able to access the best way to their destination, even if things change in the district. Trips are faster and less stressful – meaning more time and inclination to engage with district products and services.

360 Integration

Connect your facility and systems. Integrate with third party applications and build the experience ecosystem you need.

360 Accessibility

Simplify wayfinding and provide personalized maps, to connect your customers with the destinations they’re looking for.

360 Insights

Understanding your customers good and bad experiences, so you can create the environments they want.


"In using PAM for our project, we planned 3,000 signs and their locations in two weeks. PAM's efficiency has allowed us the luxury of time on strategic wayfinding solutions. The cloud based software has made it possible for us to deliver our projects faster and more accurately.”

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Plan all your environmental touchpoints – physical signage, digital signage, kiosks, mobile experiences and more – from the ground up.
PAM STUDIO is a cloud-based design suite that allows you to audit, design and document connected user experiences.


PAM Studio Capture

Import your CAD plans and view the layers you need to audit and design experience touch-point locations. Our easy to use geo-referencing tool helps you build an accurate representation of your environment. You can use CAD plans the size of a city down to the floor of a building and quickly zoom in and out of very detailed environments.

Working in existing environments, use our CAPTURE tool to audit user touch-points and dynamically geo-located them within your CAD working space. Create categorised inventories and apply costs to quickly identify valuations.

PAM Studio Design

Use DESIGN to create your own library of object categories and create a domain dictionary of terminology and iconography.

Quickly plan the location of objects; signs, sensors, digital displays, kiosks and any customer touchpoint you want to include in your project. This creates a live inventory that you can assign costs to. Dynamically gauge project costs by site, building, floor or department. Stakeholders can immediately see how the design is progressing and if access is granted, how costs are tracking against budget.

Collaborate with teams anywhere online to obtain approvals. View all progress on designs, performance specifications, implementation instructions, drawings, and component details.

PAM Studio Docs

DOCS allows individuals or teams to generate dynamic documentation, configured to meet stakeholder requirements for budgeting, coordination and administrative purposes. Embrace sustainability in your project by going paperless using virtual documentation.

Create instantaneous documentation packages that can be shared into an agile fabrication process. DOCS includes costing and installation workflows, reducing time spent on project management. Instantly access reports on progress and costs from any device, anywhere, anytime.

PAM Studio Design

Dynamically view signs as you design them with your brand fonts, icons and colours. Swap out information and icons and change sign types to suit your requirements.

PAM Studio Comms

Easily filter information to create documentation packages in seconds and share with PAM users via the platform or through email.

PAM Studio Data

Quickly import data using CSV data files to populate messaging into signs or to upload sign costs. The same data can be exported, manipulated in Excel and re-imported.

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