Value add with PAM

PAM Series # 8: Maintain, Integrate & Value Add

With your designs ready to go you can manage it’s time to execute installation and the settle in for the long haul. The best way to ensure your wayfinding investment is to make sure you can keep up with the endless demands of changing environments and add value at the same time. Most universities have at least 15% of their space in flux at any given time, so keeping on top of the signage and what it should offer is of the utmost importance.

To do this, you have to make sure everything is ready to go from the second it is installed. A traditionally tedious part of the wayfinding process, installation means approvals and working through the chain of people involved. With installers themselves having to down tools for various issues and pass the message up the chain, installation of any given sign can take weeks. To simplify this, we’ve made sure you can have photos and notifications sent to you throughout for your approval at your desk.

Once the wayfinding eco-system is up and running the real mission begins – maintenance. From name changes to facility updates, keeping up to date is a real challenge on large campuses. One facility management team we spoke to mentioned the trial in updating their signage from the historical term “disabled bathrooms” to the more correct “accessible bathrooms.” This team had scoured excel sheets, checked data and compiled a list of every known sign with the old terminology. After the process of designing new signs, ordering them in and approving installations, they were understandably disappointed to find an incorrect sign when wandering to a part of campus they didn’t often frequent. This story, heard time and time again amongst facility managers, is something we’ve worked to make a piece of history. In enables you to search your signage and create a destination dictionary, PAM lets you know every sign that’s out of date, where it is and what it’s going to cost to fix it.

Keeping on top of these changes is hard enough so starting to think about how to add value to the ecosystem seems unreachable. The real answer to this problem is integrating you wayfinding into other needs of the campus. Everyone is working toward campuses so magnetic that the student practically never has to leave. By using your signage to direct them to where they’ll find almost every need, you’re halfway there. If you can add to this by advertising events live through your signage, you’ve got their social lives covered too.


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