UNSW collaboration project

PAM is excited to share a milestone in the progress of our digital twin and intelligent precinct management collaboration projects with the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

For some time, PAM and the UNSW GRID team have been working closely to develop privacy-preserving environmental intelligence sensors and scanners that provide real-time crowd and vehicular information integrated directly to PAMOS, PAM’s intelligent wayfinding and digital directional signage platform for smart cities and connected digital campuses.

Recently, led by SHARP Prof. Sisi Zlatanova, Dr Jack Barton and the UNSW GRID and Engineering teams demonstrated outstanding progress towards project milestones using LiDAR technology. The next phase of our collaboration will integrate these real-time environmental inputs with PAMOS.

PAM’s CEO Stephen Minning says “Working with UNSW on cutting-edge initiatives like this highlights the joint benefits of Australian academic and industry collaboration. PAM enjoys an excellent working relationship with UNSW, our sharp focus on commercialization compliments UNSW’s world leading research in these areas. As we have done for many years, we will continue to invest heavily in these areas as PAM’s global smart city client base benefits directly from our innovative research collaborations“.

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