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When it’s all about the visitor experience, you need the smartest suite of digital navigation products available in the world today. Pam is your trusted and reliable partner to provide cloud software to design and manage your district navigation experience.

PAM provides secure cloud software tools to design and manage the best navigation experiences for your venue. Connect sponsors with their perfect audience group signs at locations and deploy pre-planned content at the right time for the highest impact.

The PAM digital experience CMS means you can deploy content in any place at any time to keep crowds flowing and engaged.

Dynamic QR codes connect visitors with engaging content and provide sponsors with intel so they know how to keep improving the retail experience and drive brand engagement.

Manage brand locations for pop up events and take people to the right location with dynamic routing that can be updated in real time.

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Map Editor

Use PAM’s intelligent wayfinding tools to provide contextual routes and information for all visitors to your place as it changes in real time.

The PAM Map Editor PAM is a digital navigation solution that enables you to create interactive and user-friendly maps for any campus.

Map Editor allows you to import floor plans, add various features such as buildings, roads and pathways, stairs, visual navigation waypoints, routes and even tenant information, events, and promotions to engage your customers.

PAMOS provides you with the tools to keep customers up to date and future-proof your campus. PAM eXplorer maps provide your customers with a virtual environment to connect with what's going on in real-time, whether it's a big brand event, rerouting due to an incident or directions to a retail store. Your customers will always feel connected to your venue!


Digital Sign Manager

Enable district operations teams to easily manage digital signage content and navigation. Control all the digital wayfinding touch points of your venue in one place, make changes, and deploy seamlessly in real-time.

The Digital Sign Manager is a tool for managing digital wayfinding signage in venues, enabling you to control all touch points in one place.

Make content changes in real-time to manage crowd flows by responding to changes in your environment, creating a safer, more enjoyable world for your customers.

Use the power of Playbooks to activate a sequence of pre-planned wayfinding 'scenes' to adapt digital signage across your campus each and everyday. Be responsive and make live sign content changes to navigation routes using ‘live overrides’ to reduce congestion in real-time.


Wayfinding Library

The PAM wayfinding Library enables you to connect visitors to the brands they love and monetize your technology ROI with PAM’s branded map experience.

PAM's branded map experience connects visitors to the brands they love, while allowing users to monetize their technology ROI.

The wayfinding library enables users to add tenant logos, colors, and information, and key brand and product search terms.

Users can also upload 3D branded objects, icons, and logos and place them within the map to create a seamless branded experience. This allows visitors to easily discover the brands they love and drives the success of your tenants.



Drive more people to tenant locations within your district, becoming a tool for tenants to be more successful, attracting brand engagement and driving more retail sales.

Promotions in eXplorer maps enable you to give your visitors timely and relevant information about available offers.

It's easy to setup and deploy, and you can add relevant information and engaging imagery.

Promotions update in real-time across digital signage, kiosks and mobile phones for a seamless experience. With a tap, visitors can also get directions straight to your tenant's location. Drive tenant success with Promotions and take visitors to exactly where they need to be



Every experience, no matter how big or small, can be easily found and promoted in PAM eXplorer Maps. Connect customers with sponsored experiences on any screen, seamlessly integrated with your existing network and digital infrastructure.

With PAM's Experience Builder, you can turn your visitors into fans by easily promoting and finding events, big or small.

Create headline events and connected experiences, add details such as date, time, location, and booking information, and deploy them across digital signage, kiosks and mobile maps.

QR codes allow visitors to access additional information and make bookings on their mobile phone. On the day of the event, directions are easy to get and you can also promote future experiences that will drive return visitation.


Digital Places

Digital Places

Create a beautiful virtual world where 3D maps are brought to life and enable smart navigation so your visitors can fully experience your campus.

360 Live

360 Live

Manage digital signs across your property to deliver smart navigation and promote sponsors, while creatively engaging visitors to keep customer satisfaction high.

PAM Projects

PAM Projects

Manage brand reputation with superior sign management. Capture sign inventories, update messaging & coordinate work packages and vendors.


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