Planner, Agent or Manager – what’s your type?

Take control of your next wayfinding project by assigning everyone on your team with clear roles and responsibilities.

Everyone using PAM is either a Planner, Agent or Manager. Whereas Managers have free rein over PAM’s many features, Planners and Agents are only granted access to the bits they need. This means they’ll never waste time sifting through floor plans for buildings that have nothing to do with their job – they will only be given access to tools and sites that relate to their project.

This governance prevents some users from performing certain actions or seeing sensitive information. Every user action is also recorded for audit purposes, making everyone more accountable.

The biggest advantage of PAM’s three user types is efficiency, making it easy to equip everyone on your team with the tools they need to get their job done faster.

So what’s your type?


Planners can access PAM’s most useful Audit and Planning tools to design world-class wayfinding systems. In real life, they most likely work as Graphic and Wayfinding Designers.


Agents have restricted access to PAM and perform highly specialized tasks related to maintaining signs. In real life, Agents are most likely signage installers.


Managers are all-powerful as the only users with full access to PAM’s many features and tools, and the only people who can invite new users to PAM. In the real world, Managers double as Faculty, Project or Account Managers. They are responsible for overseeing Planners and Agents collaborating on their project/s.

Keep projects moving

PAM ensures everyone gets access to the tools they need to work more efficiently, with the added benefit of personalised dashboards, punch lists and email notifications to keep projects moving.

Users can be also be assigned as Digital Media Managers, which means they’re in charge of updating content on Digital Screens via PAM’s Digital Media Manager.

Changing types

Head over to PAM’s User screen and click ‘Add New/Edit User’.

Assign “types” to team members by adding (M), (A) or (P) to the front of the user type.

Fun Fact: when abbreviated Planner, Agent, Manager spells PAM! We’re thinking of adding a few new roles later in the year … but in the meantime, if you have any questions about PAM’s user types, send a note to

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